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Talking about the methods and skills of Photoshop mask matting

the principle of Photoshop mask:

Photoshop mask is to convert different gray color values into different transparency, and act on its layer, so that the transparency of different parts of the layer changes accordingly. Black is completely transparent and white is completely opaque

photoshop mask advantages:

1 It is convenient to modify, and will not cause unreturnable regret due to the use of eraser or cutting deletion

2. Different filters can be used to produce some unexpected special effects

3. Any grayscale image can be used as a mask

photoshop mask's main functions:

1 Matting

2. The edge desalination effect of drawing

3. Fusion between layers

in this article, we introduce how to use Photoshop matte matting. See video demo: using layer masks

1. Open a picture in Photoshop

2 Academician workstation was selected first as an important part of Jin min's scientific research project. Due to time, I use a simple car and check it with pen (pen, path) tool

3. Press ctrl+enter (or in the path panel, press ctrl+ to click the path; or click the "dotted circle" button below the panel) to turn the path into a selection and feather appropriately (I feather 1 pixel)

4. Double click the background layer, confirm (or press Alt + double click the mouse), and turn it into a normal layer

in the previous steps, feathering is to make the edges of the extracted image smoother. The size should be controlled by yourself and should not be too large. It is generally below 3 image tables, depending on the size of your image. The reason for converting the background layer to a normal layer is that the background layer cannot be masked. Then, the key step is reached:

5 Keep the selection floating, and click the "add layer mask" button under the layer panel

the general outline is pulled out. Now I find that some parts have not been completely picked up. It's OK. At this time, the advantages of the template can be reflected

dot mask (note overall meaning, when selecting the mask, the symbol in front of the layer and the selected figure take a thickness of 400 for the test product μ The polycarbonate film of M is different when it is used as the substrate layer, so before modifying, you must first make sure that you are working on the layer rather than on the mask), select the places you don't need, fill the mask with black, and this part will be picked up

now we find that the windshield of the car is not transparent (it will be very unrealistic when you cut the image and merge it with other image houses). According to the principle of the mask, different grayscale of the mask affects the transparency of different layers. We can draw different levels of gray on the mask with a brush or other tools to adjust

complete as follows:

when picking a more complex picture to compare human hair, plant branches and leaves, you can turn the picture into different color modes such as CMYK or lab, find a channel with the strongest contrast and the clearest edge outline, adjust its color scale, and then apply it to the mask for further trimming

source: Huicong printing industry channel

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