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Talking about the construction effect, Sany full hydraulic has a great show all over the country

talking about the construction effect, Sany full hydraulic has a great show all over the country

China Construction machinery information

as the top selling model in the first half of 2018, Sany full hydraulic series also continued to be popular in the second half of 2018, with a market share far exceeding the sum of two or three, and won the favor of customers

as the saying goes, "customers are the parents of enterprises". Whether Sany full hydraulic pressure is good or not is an empty trick, and sany customers have the final say

next, let's take a look at the performance of Sany full hydraulic in construction projects all over the country and listen to what customers say

1. Construction of Hulunbeier provincial road 201 highway construction project

"mechanical pressure should be pressed 6 times, Sany full hydraulic pressure only 5 times"

project background

Hulunbeier provincial road 201 highway construction project in Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region is an important part of the "three horizontal and nine vertical" of the highways in Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region

working condition analysis

the project is located in Hulunbuir grassland, and the area it passes through has complex terrain such as marshland and frozen soil layer, which has high requirements for the compaction of road gravel layer and water stable layer

construction effect

Sany full hydraulic single steel wheel roller adopts double frequency and double amplitude vibration mode, with large exciting force and smooth compacted road surface. It is slightly better than the mechanical type in terms of construction efficiency, after-sales service and maintenance cost, and has been highly praised by customers and leaders of the project department

"the road that used to be pressed 6 times with mechanical type is now pressed 5 times with Sany full hydraulic pressure." An on-site person in charge of the project said that he was deeply impressed by the ultra-high pressure actual efficiency of Sany full hydraulic roller

Sany full hydraulic roller has extremely strong traction and the quality of the cylindrical spiral compression spring tester specially used for railway vehicles, which is very suitable for local extreme working conditions and also meets the construction standards of national major projects

2. Construction of Sichuan Lianghekou Hydropower Station Project

"24-hour uninterrupted operation"

project background

Lianghekou Hydropower Project in Yajiang County, Sichuan is considered to be the most complex and highest altitude earth rock dam hydropower project in the world, and it is a highly valued national project

working condition analysis

the total construction height of Lianghekou dam is 296 meters, the average thickness of rockfill is 80cm, and the thickness of each layer of core wall is 30cm. It requires equipment to roll back and forth for dozens of times, which requires equipment to have strong rolling pressure and traction to ensure that the gravel rolling effect meets the standard

construction effect

in the project, the main construction sites of Sany full hydraulic roller are clay construction, dam rockfill construction and core wall construction. Due to the large construction area and tight construction period, the roller operates 24 hours a day

▲ clay construction

the project leader said that due to the troublesome operation process of the mechanical roller, and the compaction of the road surface is far from being leveled by the full hydraulic equipment, the Sany full hydraulic roller was selected for the construction of Lianghekou

during the construction of the dam, 11 Sany large tonnage rollers participated in the rolling of the dam core wall. Sany 26 ton roller is responsible for rolling the clay layer of the core wall, and 33 ton roller is responsible for rolling the rockfill layer. More than 100 guests from nearly 60 units, such as scientific research institutes and colleges and universities, are expected to attend the meeting

3. The construction of "North Third Ring Expressway", a key project in Guangdong Province

"147kw high-power engine, more powerful"

project background

the second phase of Guangzhou North Third Ring Expressway is a key construction project in Guangdong Province and Guangzhou City, connecting Guanghui, Huaguan, Beijing Zhuhai, airport, Daguang and other expressways, as well as many national, provincial and trunk highways

working condition analysis

the project is a provincial and municipal key project, and the geology of the high cutting slope is complex, and the rainy season lasts for a long time. The construction party has very strict regulations on the equipment entering the construction site

construction effect

Guangzhou LuKun, the contractor of the "North Third Ring Expressway" project, is difficult to implement. Road Engineering Co., Ltd. uses Sany full hydraulic roller for construction

the project leader said that the two ssr220ac-8 have been working on the project for more than three months, and there is almost no pause when reversing back and forth. The construction is continuous for more than ten hours every day, and the road surface is also very smooth

▲ Sany full hydraulic roller rolls back and forth repeatedly

moreover, Sany ssr220ac-8 full hydraulic roller adopts 147kw high-power engine, with strong power, dual frequency and dual amplitude vibration mode, and greater exciting force. Compared with other brands, when pressing the same compactness pavement, the efficiency can be increased by 16.7%

in addition to excellent equipment performance, Sany roller is also extremely convenient in maintenance, and all filter elements are at a glance and within reach; The main oil pump is placed behind, which is extremely convenient for maintenance. All the original design intention is to make maintenance more convenient

4. The north extension section of Ningxiang Avenue in the 11th bid of Changsha North South horizontal line

"it is flat and compact, and the operation is simple"

project background

the north extension section of Ningxiang Avenue is a section of Changsha North horizontal line project, with a total length of about 3.5 kilometers. It is constructed according to the standard of municipal trunk road, with a subgrade width of 47.5 meters and a two-way six lane main road

Introduction to working conditions

the north extension section of Ningxiang Avenue is the first section of the North-South horizontal line, which has been highly valued by the Changsha Municipal Party committee and government, and has high requirements for construction efficiency and quality

construction effect

in the construction of the project, a Sany ssr220ac-8 full hydraulic roller, with ultra-high work efficiency and excellent construction effect, has won the high recognition of the project leader

"this Sany roller is characterized by its high working efficiency and better compaction flatness." The project leader praised the strong performance of Sany roller

"Sany full hydraulic roller adopts stepless speed change, and it is simple and convenient to reverse from front to back. All operations are very simple, and there will be no obvious fatigue after working for a long time."

the driver of Sany ssr220ac-8 full hydraulic roller said that he has been engaged in the construction machinery industry for more than ten years, and many large and small rollers have been operated in China, but the working efficiency of Sany roller is definitely the highest

on the road of building China, Sany always takes the lead and contributes the latest technology and products to the national steel bar bending experimental machine, which is a special equipment for cold bending experiments and plane reverse bending experiments on steel bars

from the beginning of entering the roller industry, Sany has focused on the R & D and manufacturing of full hydraulic rollers, relying on solid quality and outstanding projects completed

the reputation of Sany full hydraulic roller has created a strong influence in the domestic roller industry. Now, many customers in the industry are familiar with it: "buy full hydraulic roller, recognize Sany!


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