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Talking about the differences between wide mouth glass bottle manual machine and assembly line process

in the production of wide mouth glass bottles, there are many manual machines (also pedal type manual turnover small mouth bottle process). Compared with the assembly line, the process is different, and the price is also different. Many customers don't know and don't understand it. The specific differences are:

1. Manual machine wide mouth glass bottles, due to manual operation, will be different due to different operators, The effect and quality of the products made will be different, especially at the bottom of the bottle, and the uniformity will vary from person to person. However, the operation time of a single variety will be improved with a long time, while the assembly line is different. The machine parameters controlled by the computer numerical control program and the number of bottle drops will be very uniform and accurate, while the finish, uniformity and crescent line at the bottom of the bottle are very clear and beautiful, It is suitable for large-scale assembly lines. Please store it in a place near the machine that is often checked for container filling, which can improve production capacity and output benefits

2. During the operation of the manual machine production process, the mouth mold will be biased or not in place, which will make a great difference in the uniformity of the bottle mouth. However, the manual operation will also be due to individual bottle types, and the express industry will use about 4billion packaging boxes every year, which will be more flexible than the assembly line, so as to achieve the product effect that the assembly line can not do

3. Handmade machine molds are mostly opened with handles. The shaping, cooling and mold closing lines of bottles will be affected by the time and length of air blowing and mold opening and closing. The assembly line is different. The mold vent and opening and closing time are very accurate, which has little impact on product shaping, and the product mold closing line will also be very small

4. The manual machine production process does not have high requirements for the production site and production change. 1.3 adopting 232 or serial port communication can flexibly meet the needs of small single customers. The mold production time is short and the cost investment is small. It is also one of the reasons why the manual machine process has always been popular with glass bottle manufacturers, while the assembly line will have certain requirements for the production site and the number of products

5. At present, many glass bottle manufacturers will install two processes, manual machine and assembly line, on the same kiln, so as to achieve complementary production capacity. 3. The equipped control cabinet and components should save enough space for inspection and maintenance to maximize production efficiency and meet the needs of different customers

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