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Talking about the management of ERP implementation from the management story

some experts said: "the successful implementation of ERP depends on design, management and data". It can be seen that management is a very key factor for enterprises to successfully implement ERP. As the CIO of an enterprise, we should fully realize the importance of management, and form a good ERP system implementation team culture by strengthening the communication and exchange with participants, so as to finally ensure the successful launch of ERP. Next, I will briefly discuss some management work that CIOs should do well through several management stories. I hope that if it forms a vegetable market, it will bring some inspiration to CIOs and managers of enterprises implementing ERP:

first, do a good job in communication and motivation

Story 1: ducks have only one leg

a prince has a famous chef under his hand. His specialty is roast duck, which is deeply loved by people in the palace, especially the prince, I appreciate it more. However, the prince never gave any encouragement to the chef, which made the chef unhappy all day

one day, a guest of the LORD came from afar, gave a banquet at home to entertain the distinguished guests, and ordered several dishes, one of which was the roast duck that the distinguished guests liked best. The cook was ordered to act. However, when the prince took a duck leg to the guest, he couldn't find the other duck leg. He asked the chef behind him, "where is the other leg?"

the chef said, "report to the Lord, the ducks raised in our house have only one leg!" The LORD was surprised, but due to the presence of the guests, it was inconvenient to ask the truth

after dinner, the LORD followed the chef to the duck cage to find out. It was night and the duck was sleeping. Each duck shows only one leg

the chef pointed to the duck and said, "Lord, don't all the ducks in our house have only one leg?"

after hearing this, the Lord clapped his hands loudly and woke up the duck. The duck was awakened on the spot and stood up

the LORD said, "aren't ducks all two legs?"

the chef said, "yes! Yes! However, only by clapping and clapping, can you have two legs!"


the implementation of ERP is a systematic project, and there will be many setbacks in the implementation process. The most effective way to keep participants in the best state of displaying their talents is to praise and reward. As a CIO, we should often praise the excellent performers in public or give some gifts to the excellent performers to encourage them to continue their struggle. A little investment can earn several times the performance. Why not? When subordinates are depressed, incentives and rewards are very important. Don't stint your compliments, let alone praise and criticism are the cost of paying one breath. Why not add some sugar to the medicine without changing the efficacy to achieve better results. At the same time, it should be noted that nothing can stifle people's enthusiasm more than being criticized by their superiors

Story 2: President Carter took the initiative to assume that after the battle plan to rescue the hostages of the U.S. Embassy in Iran failed, then U.S. President Jimmy Carter immediately solemnly declared on TV, "everything is in me." Just because of the above sentence, President Carter's support rate suddenly increased by more than 10%


in the process of ERP implementation, employees will inevitably make mistakes or mistakes. However, the most worrying thing for subordinates is to do something wrong, especially if they spend a lot of energy and make a mistake again. At this time, if the CIO says "everything is in me", what kind of mood will it be for this subordinate

subordinates' evaluation of a leader often depends on whether he is interested. Having the courage to take responsibility not only makes subordinates feel safe, but also makes subordinates reflect. After reflection, they will find their own defects, so they can apologize in front of everyone and take responsibility

cios do this on the surface, making themselves the target of punishment. In essence, they just mention the subordinates to the superior leaders, so that it is easier to solve the problem. Once the ERP implementation team forms a climate of courage to undertake, it will eliminate the situation of mutual selection and disunity, so that the ERP team has a stronger cohesion, thereby increasing the success rate and efficiency of ERP implementation. Therefore, in the process of ERP implementation, when problems occur, we should actively find solutions, rather than looking for scapegoats

III. pay attention to the work of each employee

Story III: cleaners make a commitment to each other

a cleaner of a large company in South Korea was originally a role that was most ignored and despised by people for the development of industrial chain 1 integration, but it was such a person who fought to the death with the thief when the company's safe was stolen one night. Afterwards, when someone asked for his work and asked his motivation, the answer was unexpected. He said: when the general manager of the company passed by him, he would always praise him from time to time, "you sweep the floor so clean.". With such a simple sentence, the employee was moved and agreed with each other


the implementation of ERP system requires the participation and cooperation of various personnel, so that it is possible to ensure the final successful implementation and operation of ERP. As the CIO of an enterprise, in order to ensure that the ERP system of the enterprise can be successfully implemented on time, we must fully respect the work of anyone, whether he is the business director or the front-line employee. Especially respect for the most grassroots front-line employees, because they know the business process of the enterprise best, what the ERP system needs most, and what needs to be improved. Only by fully communicating with them can we truly understand the needs of the enterprise ERP system and design an ERP system suitable for the needs of the enterprise

therefore, CIOs should pay more attention to their work. Although material stimulation plays a positive role in mobilizing the enthusiasm of subordinates, money is not everything, and sometimes praise can have unexpected effects. Because everyone in life has a strong sense of self-esteem and honor, your sincere praise and approval for them is the best recognition and attention to their value. As managers, they should respect employees as much as they respect themselves, always maintain an equal attitude, and emphasize the importance of employees more, so that employees' spiritual needs can be met, so that they are always in the best state to display their talents. Emphasize the subjective consciousness and role of employees, so that employees feel respected, and employees are willing to work with you from the heart, and are willing to solve problems for you and seek common development

4. Reasonable division of labor and giving play to team spirit

story 4: short four inch pants

Xiao Hong is going to attend the primary school graduation ceremony tomorrow, so he has to be energetic to keep this good time in his memory, so he happily went to the street to buy a pair of pants, but unfortunately the pants were two inches long. At dinner, while grandma, mother and sister were present, Xiao Hong said that his pants were two inches long, and everyone didn't respond at the dinner table. After dinner, everyone went to work on their own affairs, and this matter was never mentioned again

mother went to bed late. Before going to bed, she remembered that the pants her son would wear tomorrow were still two inches long, so she quietly cut, folded and put them back. In the middle of the night, the wind was blowing violently, and the window slammed shut, waking up my sister. My sister suddenly realized that the fixture 1 set made my brother's pants two inches long, and my generation was the smallest. I did it myself, so I got up and handled my pants before I fell asleep again. The old woman felt light. She woke up early every morning to make breakfast for her little grandson to go to school. Before the water boiled, she also remembered that her grandson's pants were two inches long and immediately cut the mess. Finally, Xiao Hong had to wear four inch pants to attend the graduation ceremony


it is not enough for an ERP implementation team to have only good wishes and enthusiasm. It is necessary to actively guide and rely on clear rules for division of labor and cooperation, and emphasize the performance partnership between managers and employees. CIOs should regard employees as indispensable partners in their work, emphasize employees' initiative and self-management ability, stand on an equal position with employees, and actively create their own performance partnership with employees, Cultivate employees into working allies and dialogue partners, and work together to improve each other's performance

erp teamwork requires tacit understanding, but this habit can only be achieved through long-term good communication. Good communication will greatly help CIO deal with interpersonal relationships, complete work tasks, and achieve performance goals; Poor communication may cause many unexpected problems: confusion in management, low efficiency, employee turnover, etc. Once the CIO has mastered the communication skills and can use them skillfully, he will regard work as a happy thing, so the CIO should maintain the heart of communication and make communication the common working method of managers and employees


erp system is a huge system project, which must be completed by CIO and subordinate employees to jointly create high team performance, so as to ensure the successful implementation of ERP system. And this process is the process of CIO's continuous attention. In the process of implementing ERP, we should pay attention to system planning and deployment, guide members to work correctly, manage innovation and create a high-performance ERP team culture. Only with continuous efforts can management goals be achieved and done better. Only with continuous efforts can CIO and employees jointly improve and surpass in their work

careful management requires CIOs to have the heart of communication, respect, cooperation, authorization, sharing and dedication. Only through careful management can we find a good job and take good responsibility in the position of CIO. In the process of ERP implementation, we should do well, coordinate the people who should be managed well, truly assume the responsibility of CIO, be a high-performance CIO, create a high-performance ERP team culture, and finally achieve the high performance of ERP system implementation, so as to achieve the overall management efficiency and benefits of the enterprise


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