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Shenzhen stepping Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise engaged in the R & D and production of automation products, with two well-known product brands, eview and Kinco. In 2008, stepping technology will carry out brand integration and brand upgrading, rename the Shanghai company now known as "Shanghai Buke Electric Co., Ltd." and Shanghai Buke will be the second headquarters of the company. Shenzhen headquarters will become the operation center of the company, and Shanghai headquarters will become the sales center of the company. The Chinese name of this solicitation is based on the existing English name Kinco, which will be used as the company's brand name for global promotion. We are now soliciting the Chinese name of Kinco from the society. People from all walks of life are welcome to actively participate

☆ first prize, with a bonus of 10000 yuan (Shenzhen stepping Technology Co., Ltd. will award the author who is finally used in the company's Chinese name)

☆ 100 finalists for Excellence Award and 1 exquisite gift

2. Mail submission: Address: Shenzhen stepping Technology Co., Ltd. (received by brand promotion department)

☆ note: the application form can be downloaded directly from

☆ specific requirements:

1. Reflect the strategy, philosophy and culture of step-by-step technology company. See Annex I, or for details, please log in to the company's website

2. Perfect combination with English interpretation, see Annex II. If the same name appears, the winner of name interpretation will be selected

3, easy to remember, easy to understand, easy to associate, registrable, no similarity, in line with the trademark law, etc

☆ selection method: primary selection - Review - decision, adopting the method of how to measure and combine the friction and wear testing machine by voting by all employees and reviewing by experts

☆ publication method of the award list: notify the winners directly by email at the same time, and publish the award list in the supporting media

☆ instructions for filling in the competition form: the candidate carefully fills in the competition form for the 2008 10000 yuan brand upgrading campaign of Shenzhen stepping Technology Co., Ltd., and see Annex III. (hereinafter referred to as the "candidature form") is a necessary procedure for participating in the nomination activities. The information filled in the competition form should be consistent with the facts. In the process of solicitation, once the relevant information is found to be inconsistent with the facts, the submitted solicitation works are invalid.)

☆ other matters: Shenzhen stepping Technology Co., Ltd. has the final right to interpret this event

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