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Towards industry 4.0, intelligent operating system should first

intelligence, which is the connotation core of industry 4.0. A general consensus in the industry of industrial automation: the reason why intelligent industry is intelligent is not only the intelligence of industrial equipment, but also the intelligence of industrial operating systems and related application software

China is moving from industrial 3.0 to 4.0. After its completion, it can be replaced every two years. The key is to create its own industrial soul

industry 4.0, intelligent operating system is very important.

industrial operating system is the soul of industrial automation control. With the advancement of industry 4.0, the degree of industrial intelligence is getting higher and higher. However, what cannot be avoided at present is that a large number of Chinese enterprises first need to solve the problem of 3.0. Many enterprises still remain at the level of 2.0. Relatively backward enterprises still manually open valves, look at instruments, and look at temperature and pressure on the site. If they do not carefully observe and control, accidents may occur

however, many enterprises believe that they have achieved automation, because there is no need for many people in the workshop, a control room can monitor many operating desks, and all field data can be displayed on the computer screen. However, this is only industry 3.0

as the founder of central control, Chu Jian previously said that in the process from industry 3.0 to industry 4.0, the vast number of industrial enterprises are still facing problems such as information islands, lack of top-level design, construction of multiple chimney like vertical applications, and MES software projects are generally highly customized and difficult to promote

although enterprises have a large amount of data, they are in trouble in the integration of production data, management data and operation data, and cannot truly create core value for enterprises

the new round of digital intelligence reform, the integration of automation and it technology innovation, requires full life-cycle services with industrial big data analysis as the core and industrial collaboration mode with industrial interconnection and intelligence as the core. To use a vivid metaphor, industry 4.0 is actually how to turn the original function into intelligence. The key is not only the intelligence of hardware, but also the intelligence of operating system

in the new round of competition, Chinese industry cannot lose its soul

from a global perspective, the giants in the field of industrial control systems have developed and launched their own operating systems and platforms: predix of Ge, mindspher of Siemens, and then expanded the production of their optical fiber and cable business to e of Taiwan factory, ability of ABB, etc. the competitive pattern of industrial interconnection operating systems has been formed

first of all, the change of load to be measured should be transformed into the change of electrical quantity. If the industrial operating system allows international giants to occupy the Chinese market, it will greatly hinder the development of Chinese industry 4.0

at present, Android and Apple operating systems are used in China, and it is difficult for latecomers to open up in this stable market. Chu Jian believes that China must not lose its position in the competitive landscape of industrial interconnected operating systems. The supos system, China's industrial operating system, released last year, is the first industrial operating system with independent intellectual property rights in China, and also the first enterprise full information operating platform promoted from bottom to top with automation as the starting point

he believes that China has certain advantages in this round of competition. China is a global leader in cutting-edge technologies such as IOT, big data, cloud technology and artificial intelligence. The relevant technology and talent reserves are relatively sufficient. Coupled with the large demand of enterprises, China is in the same starting line with international giants in terms of industrial operating systems

the former distributed control system (DCS) is behind us. After hard catching up, we have supplemented the core of China's industry. Now, in the competition of the soul of industry, China has the ability to run and even lead. In the view of many industrial automation controllers, industry 4.0 is about to usher in the Chinese era

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