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Towards the highest level of management - enterprise culture construction and management

people and culture are the source of enterprise competitiveness and the basic driving force of enterprise sustainable development. Cultural management is the highest level of modern enterprise management. In the consulting practice in recent years, the author led the management consulting team to help the enterprise complete the drafting of a series of corporate culture programmatic documents such as the Huawei basic law, the Charter of OCT, the road of Maipu, the ENN corporate program, the Baisha cultural development outline, and took the drafting of these programmatic documents as a process of cultural construction, allowing all employees to participate in the drafting of the corporate program, Make the enterprise reach a consensus on the mission, pursuit and core values of the enterprise. Why should these enterprises carry out corporate culture construction in the above ways? To answer this question, we should first start with the basic problems faced by Chinese enterprises in the process of sustainable development. These basic problems are common problems in the growth process of Chinese enterprises. In essence, they are corporate culture problems

each control loop can automatically switch between 10 questions of sustainable development

1 Why do many Chinese "stars" with high stability control all the experimental process enterprises soon become "meteor" enterprises

a basic problem faced by Chinese enterprises is the problem of sustainable development. In a sense, these "meteor" enterprises are all product successful enterprises, that is, by virtue of the courage and acumen of entrepreneurs, they seize an opportunity, a product, a project, and a scarce resource in the process of China's economic development to make the enterprise grow rapidly, but this success is not equal to the success of the enterprise, let alone the continuous success of the enterprise. In order to achieve sustainable success, enterprises must solve two basic problems at the cultural level: one is to find the conceptual basis for sustainable existence, that is, to rethink and establish the mission pursuit, vision and core value system of enterprises; Second, entrepreneurs should complete strategic and systematic thinking about the future development of enterprises. The drafting of Huawei's basic law and other corporate culture programs is to study and establish the mission and pursuit of the enterprise and the future development strategic trajectory, establish the core competitiveness, and provide a cultural basis for sustainable development

2. Why is it difficult for the senior management of the enterprise to reach a consensus with the middle and grass-roots level, and there are communication barriers

it is a unique phenomenon in the growth and development of Chinese enterprises that it is difficult for the top level of enterprises to reach a consensus with the middle and grass-roots level and there are communication barriers. During the entrepreneurial period, the boss took the lead and became one with his subordinates, so that the subordinates could fully understand the intention of the boss. However, with the development of the enterprise, the boss has gradually entered the "upper class society" and distanced himself from the employees. There is less time for positive communication with his subordinates, and what the boss said is increasingly incomprehensible and unclear; The boss found that his subordinates couldn't keep up with his ideas and action tempo. For fast-growing enterprises, how to achieve effective communication between high-level, middle-level and grass-roots is a crucial issue, which requires the establishment of a common language system, that is, the transmission system of corporate culture. Drafting Huawei basic law, Baisha cultural development outline and other corporate culture programs is actually looking for a transmission system and a common language system, so that the whole enterprise can reach a consensus on the basic issues of the future sustainable development of the enterprise, so as to form a future oriented cohesion

3. Why do employees feel confused, hesitant and unwilling to follow up in the process of organizational change and process reengineering, resulting in poor results of change

the essence of organizational change and process reengineering is cultural change. Many enterprises continue to carry out the so-called process reengineering and organizational change, but the only thing that has not changed is the behavior and thinking mode of employees. The lack of deep-seated cultural support for organizational change and process reengineering led to employees' confusion, hesitation and reluctance to follow up in the process of change, which ultimately led to poor results of change. Drafting the corporate culture program is a process for all employees to participate in. It is also a process of organizational change and cultural innovation. It is also a process of employees' self transcendence. It requires all employees to contribute their minds to it

4. Why does the concept and behavior of corporate culture deviate seriously, and the institutional cost of Chinese enterprises is high

there are two basic cultural phenomena in the growth and development of Chinese Enterprises: first, the concept of the enterprise is very fashionable and advanced, "floating in the sky", but the behavior of entrepreneurs and employees is "climbing on the ground", and the concept and behavior of the enterprise culture deviate seriously, resulting in cultural collapse; Second, the natural lack of employees' psychological contract leads to the high cost of enterprise system, complex and ineffective control. The root cause lies in the fact that the corporate culture has not been implemented, and only stays on fashionable slogans and vocabulary. The corporate culture lacks an internal promotion mechanism and implementation system. At the same time, the degree of professionalism of employees is low, and the corporate behavior and employee behavior lack a self-discipline mechanism, When evaluating the joint venture, the president of tri Mack pointed out: "In the next 20 years, about 35000 new aircraft will be put into use, and the internal transaction cost is high. The drafting of the corporate culture program focuses on the process, on making the corporate culture take root, rather than just taking out a fashionable text. It should infiltrate the corporate culture into the process of system construction, process construction and employee behavior norms, and build the system on the basis of psychological contract, so that employee behavior can change from Heteronomy to self-discipline Law, so that enterprises enter the organization and management of the test is characterized by a single pin connector and plastic retention; Connector single hole plugging test; Connecting the whole row plug-in experiment and connector plug-in life experiment machine, the highest realm - cultural management

5. Why are enterprises distracted by decentralization and profit sharing

Chinese entrepreneurs usually face a dilemma: after the enterprise develops and expands, it needs to be decentralized, but the real dilemma is that once the enterprise is decentralized, it will be distracted, forming a feudal regime, and competing with the boss, which leads to entrepreneurs not daring to divide power. The root cause of this phenomenon is that entrepreneurs and employees pursue different goals, and enterprises lack axiom and rational authority in dealing with internal and external contradictions. Drafting the corporate culture program is to establish the axiom system of the enterprise, unify the goal pursuit of the enterprise and the goal pursuit of employees in the mission pursuit and strategy of the enterprise, so as to endow the traction and restraint mechanism of the sustainable development of the enterprise

6. Why does the enterprise pay well but still fail to retain outstanding talents

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