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Further promote the development of China's packaging machinery (Part 2)

2. The technical level of China's packaging machinery is 20 ~ 30 years behind that of advanced countries on the whole, and it is at a disadvantage in the competition of product development, performance, quality, reliability, service and so on. There are only more than 1300 varieties of packaging machinery in China, with a small number of supporting products and a lack of high-precision and large-scale products, which can not meet the market demand: the product quality gap is manifested in low product performance, poor stability and reliability, unsightly appearance and shape, rough surface treatment, poor quality of many components, short service life and low reliability, which affect the quality of the overall product; From the perspective of enterprise status, the domestic packaging machinery industry lacks leading enterprises, and there are not many enterprises with large production scale and high-grade products; In terms of product development, China is still basically at the stage of testing and imitation, with weak self-development ability and lack of pilot bases for scientific research and production. Scientific research funds account for only 1% of sales, while foreign countries account for 8% - 10%

therefore, a large number of packaging complete sets of equipment with high technical content in China still rely on imports, which has seriously restricted the sustainable and stable development of China's packaging industry

3. Blind introduction of overseas equipment

China's packaging machinery has always been a weak link restricting the development of China's packaging industry, and advanced or large-scale packaging equipment has long relied on imports. In recent years, the annual import of food and packaging equipment is close to 2billion US dollars, almost equal to the total output value of China's packaging machinery in that year. This backward state of packaging machinery is extremely incompatible with China's current status as a major country in the packaging industry

moreover, China's introduction of packaging equipment also shows considerable blindness in terms of types and grades. For example, when China introduced plastic film packaging production lines, it not only introduced many 7-layer coextrusion production lines, but also introduced several 9-layer coextrusion and casting film production lines. These production lines mainly produce high barrier films, but in fact, the market for barrier films with more than 7 layers is limited, and the application market of 9 layers is even narrower. Without market support, using high-end production lines to produce five layers of film is bound to cause waste of equipment performance and investment losses. This should be highly valued by investment enterprises

the main reason for the blind introduction of production lines by Chinese plastic film manufacturers is the inaccurate and unimpeded information. Chinese enterprises are not used to announcing their investment actions. When determining their investment intentions, they do not announce them to the public through the media in time, and even keep each other confidential. As a result, many enterprises are found to have repeated introductions when they are put into production. Secondly, Chinese enterprises are not used to conducting objective market research and analysis through consulting agencies before investment activities. Investment lacks a true and reliable basis, with more irrational elements. In addition, the improper guidance of industry and media is also one of the reasons for the deviation of enterprise investment

III. promote the great development of packaging machinery in China

1. Promote upgrading

the extensive operation of increasing capital investment and expanding production scale today can no longer meet the needs of the development of the situation. China's packaging production has entered a new period of adjusting product structure and improving development capacity. Technology upgrading, industrial upgrading and operation management are important topics for the development of the industry. Foreign well-known packaging machinery manufacturers are all supported by their long-term reputation in terms of quality, price and service. Shoddy products can never become famous brand products. Cheap products at the expense of quality and reliability may temporarily meet the needs of some users. In the long run, it is also impossible to become a well-known brand

experts suggest that we should be market-oriented, change the current situation of low-tech content and low-level competition, eliminate a number of low-efficiency, high consumption, low-grade, low added value, labor-intensive products, and strive to develop and produce large complete sets of equipment and high-tech products with high efficiency, low consumption and the right production and marketing. In terms of packaging function, industrial and agricultural products should tend to be refined and diversified, and packaging machinery products should develop in the direction of multi-function and single high-speed. In terms of technical performance, advanced technologies in other fields should be applied to packaging machinery, such as electromechanical integration technology, heat pipe technology, remote control technology, automatic flexible compensation technology, etc., so as to greatly improve the technical performance of products

2. Promote technological progress

at present, many scientific research institutions and universities in China have a considerable number of R & D scientific and technological personnel, but most of them lack projects to do. They already have considerable modern design knowledge, but they lack the practical experience that composite materials were mainly used in some bakery machinery in the aerospace field in the past. Leaders of modern enterprises should be good at integrating these technical forces at home and abroad to serve their own key research tasks. Few of the development projects of new packaging machinery in China have been listed in the national catalogue of key scientific and technological projects. Industry associations should organize relevant enterprises and institutes to form an integrated research mechanism. Give full play to their respective advantages, jointly apply to the competent departments, and strive to obtain more policy and financial support from relevant government departments

according to the development of China's packaging industry, we should reasonably introduce advanced equipment and speed up the process of digestion and absorption. For packaging machinery and equipment with large market demand and great technical difficulties, we should concentrate the dominant forces of the industry, take the road of combining production, learning and research, carry out digestion and absorption and scientific research in an organized and targeted manner, develop packaging machinery with intellectual property rights, break foreign technological monopoly, and accelerate the improvement of China's packaging technical level and self-sufficiency

3. implement talent strategy

packaging machinery designers must pay great attention to the development of advanced packaging system, deeply study packaging technology, be familiar with the latest research results of new packaging materials, and timely develop advanced packaging production lines suitable for China's national conditions according to the market demand and domestic actual situation. Designing high-speed and precision packaging machinery requires designers to have systematic modern design theory and knowledge. However, at present, the curriculum content of mechanical design major in Universities in China is only some preliminary basic knowledge, and its depth and breadth are difficult to meet the above design requirements. The most typical example is that although China has been able to design and manufacture many equipment in the high-speed beer filling line, it still does not design and manufacture high-speed labeling machines for beer bottles. Our designers in the United States have not mastered the dynamic design theory and method of high-speed packaging machinery, and will not solve the dynamic accuracy of the mechanism under high-speed working conditions

as designers of packaging machinery, they must master modern mechanism theory and learn modern technologies such as CAD/calm, CAE, reverse engineering, dynamic design, mechatronics, man-machine engineering, etc. The Ministry of education should, as soon as possible, enable relevant schools to cultivate a large number of high-level design talents who meet the urgent needs of the current development and master modern design theories and methods, and adjust the existing talent structure. Adopt the methods of "going out" and "please come in" to improve the level of existing designers

4. Pay attention to brand strategy

shoddy products can never become famous brand products. Cheap products at the expense of quality and reliability may temporarily meet the needs of some users, and in the long run, it is also impossible to become famous brands. How to create brand products with distinctive characteristics in China's packaging machinery manufacturing enterprises must take a development path with Chinese characteristics to meet the various needs of high, medium and low levels in the domestic market, and carry out load calculation and loading to create brand-name products that meet user requirements at different levels; On the basis of withstanding the strict test of the domestic market, gradually expand the sales share of the foreign market, and finally make China's packaging machinery production capable of participating in the market competition at home and abroad

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