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Install the first smart meter in herdsman settlements across the millennium in one step

Sichuan Chengdu power supply company installed the first ever experimental power indicator with an accuracy of level 1 in the herdsman settlements of "Chajia tribe" in changshugongma township of Shiqu County, and herdsman's life will usher in earth shaking changes. On July 20, Sichuan Chengdu power supply company installed the first electricity meter in the history of the Chajia tribe herdsman settlement in the changxugongma township of Shiqu County, and the smart electricity meter provided by the State Grid Corporation for free. Hundreds of herdsmen will directly enter the modern life of electric lights and television from the life of burning cow dung for fire and butter lamp lighting, and realize their dream of crossing the Millennium step by step

on the same day, at the door of the home of a villager Gallo in chaja, Oklahoma, several power supply employees dressed in national electrical uniforms were nervously splicing lines and installing electricity meters. GA Zhenzhen, GA Zhenzhen (Tibetan, meaning thank you)! Looking at the newly installed smart meter, Gallo, the young mother who improved the civil aircraft scientific research consulting management system, hugged her son who was just full moon, and her face burst into a bright smile. After the electricity meter is installed, these herdsmen will soon be able to use electricity by adopting rigid polyurethane reinforced coiled material composite insulation board. This winter, we can buy an electric stove, buy TV and watch the Spring Festival Gala. We can understand the outside world without going out. Gallo said. From the moment that Chengdu power supply company installed the first smart meter for Chajia tribe, herdsmen's lives will usher in earth shaking changes

Chajia tribe is a primitive nomadic tribe living on horseback, about 100 kilometers away from Shiqu County, located in the depths of zhaxika grassland in the hinterland of the Qinghai Tibet Plateau with an average altitude of more than 4200 meters. Ten years ago, more than 200 people from 40 households of Chajia tribe moved into the herdsman settlement built by the government, but they still live a primitive life by burning cow dung for fire and lighting butter lamps

it is understood that Sichuan Electric Power Company of China has invested 783.5 million yuan in the power construction in the non electricity areas of Ganzi Tibetan area, and will realize household power supply in Ganzi Prefecture, including Shiqu County, by the end of the 12th Five Year Plan. On the same day, the youth volunteer service team of Chengdu power supply company and the service team for the people of Shiqu power company also came to the scene to distribute power safety brochures for herdsmen in Chajia tribal settlements and popularize common sense of power use

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