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Recently, I have noticed that many people are asking about the disclosure of the real use of Bubugao tutoring machine h8a. To be honest, I happen to be using Bubugao learning machine, which is still quite good. How about Bubugao learning machine and its quality? You can still refer to your friend's feedback:

first start feeling: after the step-by-step high tutor h meeting, 8A received it. It's very good. I believe it can help children in their study. Because there are only 9 pictures at most, so many functions can't send pictures. It's really powerful and tall! Children like it very much. They have time to take it to play every day, and they learn virtually! And parents are no longer afraid of their children playing many games like playing! Third grade, hope to improve children's academic performance! It's very practical. It can be used by two children of different ages

bubago learning machine consumers tell you the truth

bubago learning machine more evaluation and advantages and disadvantages disclosure

the learning machine bought for children is now free to evaluate. It has a lot of good-looking appearance, clear screen, fast response, many functions of the machine, and it can also tutor and do homework, which is convenient to use. Although other learning machines can also have this kind of learning machine, anyway, it is now in the 21st century, Technology and other things are improving slowly, which is also a matter of procedure. But it is true that you can copy or save and take down the samples, which is very helpful to children. In the long run, it will improve the sales and profits of the company. For example, you can learn knowledge that you don't know in books in class, and you can learn it again when you get home. If your child wants information, you can download it yourself. How convenient it is. Think about how much it costs to hire a tutor or go to cram school, right, It's still cost-effective to buy a learning machine. Don't ask if it's appropriate. Won't this account be settled

my child's grades fell sharply the previous week, so I chose to buy a learning machine. I watched a lot of learning machines, but my child still likes the excellent school model, so I bought it. Now it's seven days. Yesterday's monthly exam, my child's grades soared, and he won a double 100 for the first time. Thank you very much! I seldom worry about studying in the excellent school! The content inside is rich and easy to understand, and children can't see it once they learn it

screen effect: very clear

teaching content: very rich

eye care effect: eyes are not tired and do not hurt for half a day

service experience: very good

other features: good foreign teacher guidance! Synchronized with the text, explanation and error prone questions, plus unit tests are very good! It's easy to recite the text, and it's really good not to understand it

it's really great! I bought it on December 12, and it took a long time to ship it! When I bought it, I also compared many brands before choosing this one. I specially bought the second generation, and the first generation that the merchant changed for me is really speechless! When I bought it, I knew it was the second generation. I didn't know when to change it to the first generation. When I got it, I thought it was the second generation and gave it to my children to play with, so I found it was the first generation! If you dismantle it, you won't return it to me. Hehe, it's really awesome. To be honest, it's really not fun, and the children are not interested. Most of the experimenters lack experience in the maintenance and protection of the instrument, and they need a lot of cards, and they can't be upgraded. Persuade everyone to buy genius or iPad. Because it's a unscrupulous business? Boring games! After the appraisal, I hesitated when I bought it. Whether it was bubagao or Youxue school, I finally chose Youxue school. After receiving the goods, the learning machine was really good, which didn't disappoint me. The content of the learning materials in it was very extensive, and it could also play, watch TV and play games. It was a recommended bubagao tutoring machine h8a. The most important thing was that parents could remotely control and control the time of their children

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