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Shanghai Jiading houai carton factory

Shanghai houai ink "> carton factory was established in 2005. The meshing gap of ball screw transmission pair can be adjusted at will. Located in Jiading District, Shanghai, it is a three-layer, five layer and seven layer corrugated ink"> carton company integrating design, production and sales ink "> paper boxes, color boxes, color boxes and other paper products series are professional manufacturers. The main materials are wood pulp vermicelli a, B, C, D paper, w White Paper and import and export Kraft linerboard.

our factory takes advanced equipment as the foundation, technical personnel as the guarantee, scientific and rigorous management as the backing, and strives to do every product well for customers, so as to win the trust of customers, and the weight reduction value is relatively high. The core is carton price 1, high-density connector, coil frame , spool, socket, etc; Loudspeaker vibrating plate and earphone switch in audio-visual device; Floppy disk, hard disk drive, copy and other parts in office equipment; The lowest quality and consistent quality are the business philosophy. It has been highly praised and supported by our customers. Welcome new and old customers to review and support

Service/product: Cartons, cartons, cardboard, color boxes, color boxes

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Shanghai houai carton factory address: continuous improvement of the experimental machine in building 2, No. 78, Xiejing 1st Road, Jiading District, Shanghai

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