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chinaplas2011, which ranks first in Asia and one of the three major rubber and plastic exhibitions in the world, was unveiled at Pazhou Pavilion of China Import and Export Commodities Fair in Guangzhou, China on May 17. Chinaplas2011 is a feast for the international plastic and rubber industry, which is of great significance and far-reaching influence. In 2011, people from all walks of life in the plastic camera industry have already paid attention to the Pazhou Exhibition Hall in Guangzhou, and all parties are waiting for it with passion! When the international rubber and plastic exhibition was held in Guangzhou, HC plastic had the honor to interview Mr. Gong Zhanping, general manager of Shanghai Huipu Industrial Chemicals Co., Ltd., and Mr. Gu Wei, deputy general manager, to visit Huipu and learn about Huipu together

Mr. Gong Zhanping, general manager of Shanghai Huipu Industrial Chemicals Co., Ltd. (right), and Mr. Gu Wei, deputy general manager (left)

Shanghai Huipu Industrial Chemicals Co., Ltd. and Shanghai Huiping Chemical Co., Ltd. (SCM) are companies engaged in special chemical business. General Manager Gong Zhanping introduced that Huipu condenses a group of young people who love chemistry and are good at thinking about technology and market, focusing on battery chemicals and optoelectronic materials Application and promotion of fine chemicals such as industrial lubricating grease, industrial silica gel, special engineering plastics, elastomers and plastic semi-finished products, polyurethane, organosilicon fluorine products, titanate, synthetic heat transfer oil, food additives, polymer additives, natural gas odorants, etc. Huipu has been committed to serving Chinese enterprises with foreign advanced chemical technology and products for many years, and is committed to becoming a growth partner of current and future market leaders. "Our goal is to become a leading supplier of special chemicals in China and integrate tomorrow's technology into today." General manager gongzhanping said

at this chinaplas2011 International Rubber and plastic exhibition, Huipu showed exhibitors special plastics, general engineering plastics, silica gel, PU and plastic products. Gu Wei, the deputy general manager, pointed out that the products represented by Huipu mainly include special industrial lubricating grease, battery chemicals and optoelectronic materials, special plastics and semi-finished products, peek peek, plastic shaft, said Cheng, the technical director of the above waterproof enterprise, RTV pad printing adhesive, mold adhesive, antioxidant BHT, plastic additives, lubricants, colorants (toner, color sand, color paste), titanate, PU polyurethane sealant, etc. The Acting brands include Dow Chemical Dow, Dow Corning, DuPont, ExxonMobil Chemical ExxonMobil, LANXESS, sibeco, Solutia, TIMCAL, vickrex, fedchem, etc. At the same time, in order to better serve the industry and customers, Shanghai Huipu will set up offices overseas and establish projects in China in a joint venture with Japan, "so that we can master the technology ourselves and shorten the time." Gu Wei, deputy general manager, said

today, Huipu enjoys a high reputation and prestige in the industry. When choosing suppliers, Huipu will also have its own standards. Gu Wei, deputy general manager, pointed out that when selecting suppliers, first of all, products have their own characteristics and particularity. Secondly, the products are in the top position among the similar products in the world. When talking about whether Huipu will develop its own products and create its own brand, Gu Wei said that developing its own brand is the goal of Huipu's development in the future. At present, Huipu has opened a base in Nantong to research and develop special plastics and deep processing. Gu Wei pointed out that the Nantong project first went upstream to make modified plastics because there was no lower price component B for a single component, and customized raw materials and formulas according to the requirements of customers. In addition, do deep processing and distribute end products to special industries

as for the future, general manager gongzhanping pointed out that Huipu will focus on developing its own brand products in 2011. The performance is 30% compared with that in 2010. In addition, Gong Zhanping stressed that Huipu will mainly cultivate talents and expected that 1. This means that graphite can be used to enhance the structural modular production staff to become academic sales staff. "Young people should get rid of the phenomenon of being valued and be able to realize their value on the platform provided by the company." Gongzhanping said

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Shanghai Huipu has always adhered to the business philosophy of "equality, integrity, cooperation and development", serving our customers with carefully arranged sales network, rich product lines, convenient logistics system and perfect after-sales service. And put forward that "integrating tomorrow's technology into today" is Huipu's happiest mission

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