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[Shanghai rubber daily review] the spot supported the rebound of high opening volume

stimulated by the sharp rise in the spot price of Tokyo rubber and Southeast Asia rubber, the Shanghai rubber futures price fluctuated and rose after the high opening on Monday, and finally closed at the near high point of the day. The overall market volume rebounded, and the position also decreased

from the analysis of the price trend of the main ru0603 contract, due to the lack of obvious positive news stimulation after the futures price fell below 17000 yuan, the market is lack of confidence to go long. At present, the futures price is still not free from the suppression of the downward trend, but the strengthening of the peripheral market price and the stable spot price still play a supporting role in the Shanghai Jiao futures price. From the analysis of K-line portfolio, the breaking trend of last Friday has not been effectively confirmed, so the sharp decline trend of futures price is suspected of being short; At present, investors are generally cautious, and it is expected that the performance of the peripheral market will provide a directional index for Shanghai Jiaotong without testing. If the peripheral market can continue to strengthen in order to realize the transformation from the industrial development and expansion period to the industrial maturity period, the Shanghai Jiaotong futures price may get rid of the downward trend. In terms of operation, it is not suitable to sell short. Jiaozuo new energy company, a subsidiary of the company, signed a power battery order contract with xindayang company, preferably for short-term transactions within a day; After the futures price breaks through the technical resistance of 17100 yuan, it is expected that there will be strong support in the yuan region

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