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Shanghai International Industrial Expo sets up exhibition areas for printing and packaging paper equipment

China's super large International Industrial Expo, with high-tech products in the world's industrial field as the main body of exhibition and trading, has been successfully held for five times since its inception in 1999. Last year, the fifth exhibition area was nearly 70000 square meters, with 1200 exhibitors from all over the world participating, with 230000 professional visitors and a transaction of 39.7 billion yuan, An exhibition area for printing and packaging paper equipment will be set up this year

the 6th Shanghai International Industrial Expo, which will be held in Shanghai New International Expo Center from November 4 to 9 this year, takes "informatization and industrialization" as the theme, highlights the four functions of modern equipment and engineering technology exhibition, transaction, evaluation and forum, and promotes the three major transactions of products, property rights and technology, with an exhibition area of 85500 square meters. There are eight professional exhibition areas, including electronic information exhibition area, digital manufacturing exhibition area, power equipment and control technology exhibition area, automobile and parts exhibition area, printing and packaging paper industry equipment exhibition area, logistics equipment exhibition area, engineering technology exhibition area and scientific and technological innovation exhibition area, with 3500 booths. Enterprises will display thousands of high-tech projects to realize the composite technology achievements of carbon nano dots and MOF materials, attracting investment from domestic and foreign merchants

this year's Shanghai International Industry Expo is so rich in content, why should we set up a separate exhibition area for printing and packaging paper equipment? Zhangdingguo, general manager of Shanghai Modern International Exhibition Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Shanghai WorldExpo (Group) Co., Ltd., one of the organizers, said that with China's increasingly open economic and trade environment, the Yangtze River Delta has become one of the most economically developed and modernized regions in China, and the economic development has promoted the vigorous development of the packaging and printing industry, from family workshops with 34 employees to enterprise exhibitions with more than 400 people, The printing and packaging industry in Shanghai is growing at an annual rate of 15%. The output value of the packaging and printing industry in Jiangsu and Zhejiang provinces has exceeded 20billion yuan. East China, especially Shanghai, has become a bridgehead for foreign capital to enter China. The registered capital of more than 20 investment companies such as Unilever, Johnson & Johnson and Gillette has exceeded 100million US dollars. The exhibition should provide personalized and professional services for multinational companies. In the face of the business opportunities brought by these multinational enterprises entering China, China's exhibition industry should speed up its integration with the world. This meeting proposed to further improve the level of internationalization, specialization and marketization, and improve the quality of humanized services. In November, the printing and packaging paper equipment exhibition area in hall 7 of Shanghai New International Exhibition Center will become a new highlight of this exhibition

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