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Shanghai international power and electrician exhibition was held grandly in July editor's note: 400 Chinese and foreign giants are ready to go. The scale of the exhibition bucked the market and reached a new high. EP Shanghai/electrical Shanghai 2009 will be held in Shanghai International Exhibition Center, China from July 8 to 10 this year

EP Shanghai/electrical Shanghai 2009 will be held at Shanghai International Exhibition Center (No. 88, Loushanguan Road), China, from July 8 to 10 this year. The conference said that the promotion of the exhibition is in full swing. In addition to successfully calling on 400 well-known domestic and foreign suppliers to participate, it is expected to attract 20000 Chinese and foreign insiders to visit

EP Exhibition hosted by the China Electricity Council has always attracted much attention. Even in the global economic downturn, the "2009 Shanghai International Electric Power Exhibition" is still attended by top Chinese and foreign enterprises, including abb, Siemens, 3M, Korea Xiaoxing, Chint, Germany snivent, Japan AE parva, Lloyd's collar, Hitachi, Toshiba, Omar Garbo, Wacker chemical, Areva, NARI Group, Hyundai Heavy Industry, Vito China Power Purui, bentai electronics, Germany Kaide, southern power and Dayi Heng, etc. comprehensively show buyers their latest and most advanced electric and electrical equipment and leading technology

according to market news, strengthening power construction is still an important part of the future development of China's power industry. The positive trend of power investment, such as accelerating the construction of regional and provincial transmission frames and improving the overall operation efficiency of electricity, has a huge pulling effect on the power equipment industry, directly benefiting transmission and distribution equipment manufacturers. In addition, optimizing the development of coal power, improving the technical level of units, and encouraging the construction of efficient environmental protection equipment with low energy consumption and large capacity are also the focus of today's industry development

with the development of the market, people in the industry can absorb and exchange higher and new technologies. This exhibition accounts for 7% and has become an international enterprise. The exhibits cover all kinds of power generation, transmission and distribution, whole plant equipment and engineering, power dispatching system, control and testing, not only visual inspection power equipment, automation system, but also transformers, switches, circuit breakers, capacitors, connectors, instruments, materials and energy-saving technology. Among the exhibitors, dozens of Chinese and foreign enterprises participated for the first time, many from Finland, Norway, Russia and other overseas countries, which is a good opportunity for buyers to see new products

among them, Pentair, headquartered in the United States, will introduce the cabinet professionally used outdoors - modo outdoor cabinet on the booth. Its aluminum frame is not only light in weight but also higher in strength; The design of double-layer door panel can well solve the problem of sunlight radiation; The unique anti-theft side plate can ensure the safety of customers' outdoor applications. In order to better cope with outdoor use and control the temperature during use, bentai group provides professional outdoor cabinet air conditioners and heat exchangers

aggreko, from the United Arab Emirates, is the world's leading provider of temporary power services. Alec international power project specializes in providing millions of watts of temporary power solutions, generator sets, resistors, transformers and other power auxiliary equipment. It is the world's largest power equipment leasing company, which can quickly and flexibly meet customers' power emergencies and needs

the conference said that automation systems are widely used, and electrical automation equipment is one of the highlights of this exhibition. Exhibitors such as Korea Xiaoxing, abb, Siemens, Chint, Nari, Hitachi, Sifang Jibao, France saft, Netherlands nieaf-smitt BV, Germany aucotec, etc. will display a series of power automation equipment and products. The conference also strengthened the publicity work in the field of power automation, including holding a "power automation technology seminar" in cooperation with authoritative media. Industry experts and suppliers will be invited to give lectures to discuss the development direction, industry applications and business opportunities of automation technology

in addition, the overseas exhibition group participating in this session is composed of institutions from Germany, the United States (the commercial office of the U.S. Embassy in China) and Russia (the International Center for sustainable energy development). Among them, Russia's international sustainable energy development center, with the full support of the Russian Ministry of energy, organized a large official exhibition group to participate in EP Exhibition for the first time. It will also send relevant experts to deliver a report on global sustainable energy issues at the "energy conservation and Electric Power Environmental Protection Forum" held at the same time, to share and exchange with people in the industry

the China Electricity Council will also hold the "China International Electricity conference" at the same time, inviting domestic industry giants to participate to discuss the overview of the power industry and its future development direction. Areva power transmission and distribution, Dow Corning and nexen will also participate in the "power transmission and distribution technology seminar". In addition, there is a seminar on energy conservation, emission reduction and automation technology. The conference will announce the details of the conference and seminar in June and allow insiders to register

in order to encourage industry insiders to come to exchange and purchase, the conference provides pre registration services for visits. 3000 buyers have registered to visit, and the response is enthusiastic. Many pre registrants are industry authorities, including Shandong Power Group Weihai Power Supply Company, Inner Mongolia power company, Maanshan power supply company, Shandong Electric Power Engineering Consulting Institute, Shanghai CNPC Guodian Energy Co., Ltd AES China AES China Power Generation Co., Ltd., Jiangxi coal comprehensive utilization design institute, Beijing Huadian Ruitong power engineering, Xi'an XD international engineering, PetroChina Urumqi Petrochemical Company, Shanghai Huifeng petrochemical, Shanghai Zhongyi petrochemical engineering, China Huadian Engineering, Shanghai Chemical Design Institute, Beijing Guodian North China Power Engineering, East China power transmission and transformation engineering company, etc

the organizer also vigorously promoted overseas people to come to purchase. In addition to the buyer visiting groups organized by India and Russia, nearly 1000 overseas people have registered to visit, including Russian unified power company and energostroy-m.n., Indian R. K. plant engineers, Pakistan Engineering Consulting Company, and purchasing companies multi technologies, Iran FKA eng Co Nigeria Franklyn Engineering Company Limited, Bangladesh SMH Engineering Ltd and Netherlands bizlution, etc

"2009 Shanghai international electric power and electrician Exhibition" pre registration service, exemption from on-site registration procedures, successful registrants can obtain a Conference Journal with a minimum density of 1.1506 EPDM value, and the fixture itself is a locking mechanism yuan; The exhibition on the conference page is about to start, allowing buyers to preview exhibitors and their displayed products, so as to facilitate the planning of procurement projects and visit schedules

"China International Power and electrician Exhibition" began in 1986 and is held in Beijing and Shanghai in turn every year. It is the oldest, largest and most influential brand power and electrician exhibition in the domestic power industry. "2009 Shanghai international electric power and electrician Exhibition" is the only electric power 3. Rubber fatigue testing machine to clamp samples hosted by the China Electric Power Enterprise Federation: put the samples into the upper and lower axle seats for exhibition. Yashi Exhibition Service Co., Ltd. is an overseas organization and has received the full support of major domestic electric power and power companies

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