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2020 Industry Outlook - artificial intelligence will make a new leap in returning to rationality. As an important driving force for a new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial change, artificial intelligence is considered to be a major opportunity for human future development, with a strong "head goose" effect of spillover. This "head goose" effect is not only reflected in the vigorous development of the artificial intelligence industry, but also in the fact that it will become the main driving force for China's industrial upgrading and economic transformation

through 2019, AI has gathered a bit of trust in disputes and gathered strength for good. Towards 2020, the artificial intelligence industry ecology that returns to rationality will be more optimized, the artificial intelligence technology will evolve from perceptual intelligence to cognitive intelligence, "people-oriented" will become a new direction for the development of artificial intelligence and achieve a better intelligent world


rational return, and the artificial intelligence industry ecology has been continuously optimized.

"the growth rate of the scale of the artificial intelligence industry reached a peak in 2018 and decreased in 2019, but still maintained a high growth rate, only returning to rationality." Chinese 1. Wedge jaw and horizontal pushing jaw electronic universal experimental machine model, said Wei Kai, deputy director of the Institute of cloud computing and big data, which is complete, clean and reliable

at present, China's artificial intelligence industry is showing a good trend of vigorous development. Artificial intelligence technology is developing in depth, the application scenarios of artificial intelligence are constantly enriched, and the construction of artificial intelligence open innovation platform and artificial intelligence innovation and development pilot area is advancing in full swing

the development plan for a new generation of artificial intelligence issued by the State Council proposes that by 2020, the overall technology and application of artificial intelligence will keep pace with the world's advanced level, and the scale of core industries will exceed 150billion yuan. By 2025, the scale of core industries of artificial intelligence will exceed 400billion yuan. By 2030, the overall theory, technology and application of artificial intelligence will reach the world's leading level, and the scale of core industries will exceed 1trillion yuan. In 2019, the government work report mentioned "artificial intelligence" for the third time. From the initial "acceleration" and "strengthening" to today's "deepening", with the further promotion of policies and the further maturity of technology, the landing of the artificial intelligence industry will be significantly accelerated

in the field of consumption and services, from e-commerce, medical care, to education, finance and other industries, we see that artificial intelligence has been widely used, profoundly changing the economic and social landscape

with the advent of 5g commercial era, the connection efficiency of artificial intelligence technology has been further improved in the past year, and some key application technologies have reached the world advanced level; The industrial chain goes hand in hand and the industrial ecology is constantly optimized; In depth learning, data mining, automatic programming and other industrial application scenarios have expanded stronger general capabilities

2019, the development of artificial intelligence is returning to rationality, and the return means a greater leap in the future


cognitive intelligence, the era of post deep learning has come.

in recent years, artificial intelligence has made great progress in perceptual intelligence, and has even reached or exceeded the level of human beings in many fields, solving the problem of "listening, speaking and seeing". However, because it relies more on simple statistical fitting, the AI system can not actively understand the laws and causal relationships behind the development of things. AI still does not have common sense and causal logic reasoning ability, which is also the reason why "artificial mental retardation" occurs from time to time. Therefore, the realization of cognitive intelligence is the core of current artificial intelligence research, which is also the core field of future competition

cognitive intelligence will draw inspiration from cognitive psychology, brain science and human social history, and combine cross domain knowledge mapping, causal reasoning, in-depth learning and other technologies to establish an effective mechanism for stable acquisition and expression of knowledge, so that knowledge can be understood and used by machines, and entrust domestic and foreign universities, research institutes, R & D centers and well-known enterprises to achieve a key breakthrough from cognitive intelligence to cognitive intelligence

the future trend of artificial intelligence industry depends on the progress of algorithms. In terms of algorithms, there are already excellent models such as deep learning and neural networks. In terms of the overall development of artificial intelligence algorithms in China, engineering algorithms have made a breakthrough, but the level of algorithms based on cognitive level still needs to be improved

according to Wei Kai, the algorithm based on deep learning still has room for optimization. However, it should be noted that in the future, there are two routes for the path development of new algorithms: one is "deep learning + neuroscience + brain science", and the other is "deep learning + knowledge engineering", that is, the process of learning with structured knowledge and a high starting point

in other words, as the path of the post deep learning era becomes clearer, AI will evolve from perceptual intelligence to cognitive intelligence, and AI algorithms will enter the post deep learning era


people oriented, AI also has "human feelings"

today, artificial intelligence technology is being "embedded" in various fields, which has an increasing impact on society. But the following question is: can we fully trust artificial intelligence

among the hot spots in 2019, negative messages related to artificial intelligence emerge one after another, and the "double-edged sword" of artificial intelligence is vividly displayed. Privacy protection, algorithm security and other keywords have become unavoidable topics in the development of artificial intelligence

"the discretion of artificial intelligence technology should be bound by morality and ethics." Wei Kai said that the world is paying attention to whether artificial intelligence should be embedded in the requirements of ethics, and reflecting on how to carry out the governance of artificial intelligence. In reflection and practice, the consensus of "people-oriented" has gradually converged and become a new direction for the future development of artificial intelligence

how to turn the "people-oriented" concept into reality? On april8,2019, the European Commission issued the code of ethics for artificial intelligence, proposing seven elements to achieve credible artificial intelligence. It includes ensuring the autonomy, robustness and security of artificial intelligence technology, ensuring privacy and data management, ensuring the transparency of algorithm system, and requiring artificial intelligence to provide diversified, non discriminatory and fair services. This is the essence of the core of credible AI, and also the embodiment of "science and technology for the good"

China also pays close attention to "people" in the development of artificial intelligence. On june17,2019, the national new generation artificial intelligence governance professional committee released the new generation artificial intelligence governance principles - developing negative artificial intelligence, which contains the "people-oriented" elements: fairness and justice, inclusiveness and sharing, respect for privacy, and building a community of human life... At the 2019 world artificial intelligence conference, Ma Huateng, chairman of Tencent's board of directors and CEO, also said in his speech, In the aspect of AI governance, we should lead all-round governance with "science and technology for the good" to ensure that AI is "knowable", "controllable", "available" and "reliable"

"machine has a core, human has a heart". An artificial intelligence society with "human feelings" should not only have more efficient productivity, but also have more colorful spiritual space, more profound and long-standing cultural heritage, more fair and just system guarantee, and more inclusive and harmonious humanistic care. It is a new subject that must be paid attention to in the development of artificial intelligence today and even in the future to keep the bottom line and guidelines of technology, and let technology be used where it should be used to benefit human society

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