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2020 China Tianjin international measurement control and Instrumentation Exhibition

2020 China Tianjin international measurement control and Instrumentation Exhibition

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exhibition location: Tianjin Meijiang Convention and Exhibition Center


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exhibition overview:

the 16th China (Tianjin) International Industry Expo hosted by Zhenwei Exhibition Co., Ltd (hereinafter referred to as: Tianjin Industrial Expo) an important sub exhibition, China Tianjin international measurement control and Instrumentation Exhibition, will be held in Tianjin Meijiang Convention and Exhibition Center on March, 2020. Under the background of the in-depth implementation of the important national strategy of "made in China 2025", Tianjin international measurement control and Instrumentation Exhibition integrates global resources, integrates technology and information, industry and market, and serves the global industrial transformation. Normally, it can be upgraded naturally within one month. Tianjin international measurement control and Instrumentation Exhibition is an international event about comprehensive solutions for measurement control and automation, production and process automation process control, electrical system, industrial it and manufacturing informatization, and testing instruments. It will provide a strong guarantee for on-site technical exchange, trade cooperation, and transactions. Truly become a window connecting Tianjin and China, China and the world in the field of industrial manufacturing and automation

exhibition scope:

I. Intelligent Manufacturing:

1. Digital, networked, intelligent manufacturing systems and solutions (numerical control devices and units, digital workshops, intelligent factory equipment and systems)

2. Industrial robots and automatic control systems (DCS, PLC, IPC)

3. Advanced industrial automation instruments (temperature, pressure, flow helplessness and difficulties, more quantities and levels)

4 Fieldbus and industrial interconnection communication and safety system

5, high-end precision machinery and equipment

6, sensor and wireless sensor network system

7, intelligent control valve and actuator

8, industrial control system information and network safety technology and service device

II. Modern scientific instruments:

1, various analytical instruments, optical instruments, laboratory instruments and equipment

2, measurement and testing instruments

3 Near infrared spectroscopy technology and equipment

4, embedded digital signal processing device

5, geological instruments, surveying and mapping instruments

6, food, drugs, agricultural products detection devices

7, electronic testing instruments and electrical instruments

8, virtual instruments and software

III. major medical instruments: instruments

1, high-performance medical diagnostic instruments and equipment

2, large medical imaging equipment

3 Advanced clinical examination equipment

4, advanced treatment instruments and equipment

5, health IOT and wearable medical devices, portable medical instruments

6, medical devices, equipment and components

IV. emerging industrial technologies:

1, new energy vehicles (smart cars, driverless vehicles)

2, new energy batteries and digital display experimental force and force peak, loading rate power supply device

3, new materials

4 Micro nano technology and devices

5, 3D printing equipment

6, digital city system and intelligent traffic control system

7, meteorological instruments, marine instruments, space instruments

8, nuclear power instrumentation and control technology and equipment

9, green manufacturing industry technology and equipment (energy conservation and environmental protection, low carbon emission, waste recycling technology and equipment)

10 National defense high-tech civilian products (2) sometimes aluminum alloys and other non-ferrous metals and special metals are used to reduce weight; Technical equipment

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