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The penetration of emerging technologies into the field of education in 2020 will enable education

(original title: looking forward to 2020, overall promotion and integration innovation)

deeply excavate "small scenes", and accelerate the penetration of emerging technologies into the field of education

many factors affecting tool wear in business are fully spread out in 5g networks and IPv6 networks, educational short videos Teaching modes such as double teacher class will benefit from the improvement of network quality and expand the scope of replacement within 1 time. Brain science research, combined with artificial intelligence technology, will shift from the widely controversial application of brain computer equipment to the investigation of brain intelligence development and learning disabilities. In terms of blockchain technology, alliance chain has become the first choice for applications. Some educational applications will try to reconstruct community incentive and credit mechanisms and data distribution mechanisms with blockchain technology. At the same time, self-adaptive learning technology is more widely used in the curtain lesson platform, and virtual anchor technology has also received more attention and application

plan to implement the "new strategy" and promote the development of intelligent education as a whole

the first International Conference on artificial intelligence and Education issued the Beijing consensus, suggesting that governments of UNESCO member states plan educational artificial intelligence policies. China will deepen the formulation and implementation of the development strategy of intelligent education, strengthen the top-level design and overall promotion of the development of intelligent education, further strengthen the industry university research cooperation of intelligent education, and gradually form a community of practice for researchers, builders and users. China intelligent education development report will be released soon

continue to maintain "large investment". Intelligent education has become a breakthrough in industrial interconnection. The high end of the electronic universal experimental machine configured is mainly reflected in the breakthrough of high-precision photoelectric encoder.

traditional interconnection is changing to industrial interconnection, and the education industry will become a breakthrough. With the development of intelligent education, we can not only solve the outstanding problems in the process of education development, but also gather and drive a number of high-tech enterprises to cultivate new economic growth points. For enterprises, as an area where education and technology are closely combined, intelligent education is conducive to the implementation of technology. With large investment to drive industrial development, more and more enterprises and funds will be involved in the field of intelligent education

application pays attention to "achieving results". Artificial intelligence becomes the key to solving educational problems.

returning to the essence of education and paying attention to application results become the key to highlight the value of technology. For a long time, there has been a contradiction between the strong demand for high-quality educational resources and the supply of limited resources. Education enabled by artificial intelligence technology and double teacher class can help alleviate such contradictions, help solve the problem of educational equity, and solve the educational problems of teaching students according to their aptitude, personalized learning, reducing burden and increasing efficiency. Through the development of quantifiable indicators and empirical research, it provides an effective means for regional evaluation of the construction and application effect of intelligent education

rapid development of "risk control", human-computer collaboration facing ethical risk challenges

the European Commission issued the ethical guidelines for the development and use of artificial intelligence, and China's newly issued "new generation of artificial intelligence governance principles - developing negative 1, oil drainage: artificial intelligence", focusing on "reliable artificial intelligence". The ethical risks of human-computer collaboration are constantly emerging, such as the application of emotion recognition technology in classroom teaching effect monitoring, and the application of brain computer interface technology to judge whether students' attention is focused, which have caused great controversy in the society. Predictably, to eliminate the unpredictable ethical risks brought by technology, more detailed and specific operational schemes are required

(liubangqi and he Sheng, the authors of "outlook 2020" are respectively the director and researcher of the intelligent education research center of the State Key Laboratory of cognitive intelligence)

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