Can Canada solve its housing crisis without making

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Can Canada solve its housing crisis without making climate change worse? | CBC News - Today News Post News Today || Canada News |

Two ongoing crises have been?consistent points of focus on the campaign trail ahead of Canada’s federal election on Sept:1618619862012,. 20: a dire shortage of affordable housing and climate changea 55 per cent increase over last year.

All of the major federal parties have made lofty commitments with respect to both issues. You can read?breakdowns of housing?promises here?and here, and climate change promises here?and here.

While perhaps not obvious, the two issuesThe line connectin?are deeply interconnected. How the federal government?and its provincial and municipal counterparts?chooses to tackle a national housing shortage?could have profound implications for the effort to limit future greenhouse gas emissions.

At the core of the housing crisis in Canada is a relatively straightforward problem. There are more people who need and want homes (of all types, whether single-family, condominiums, rental and social housing) then there are dwellings available to them.

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