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Common faults and troubleshooting schemes of single screw air compressor

I. motor fault: it is to detect whether the input power supply is qualified, so as to protect the safe operation of the motor and electrical control elements (such as: the circuit phase sequence is reverse or lack of phase, the voltage fluctuation is large, three-phase imbalance, etc., i.e. alarm automatic shutdown)

1. Check whether the input power switch of single screw air compressor is matched and whether the wiring contact is loose

2. Check whether the three-phase voltage of the power supply of the single screw air compressor is normal, whether the circuit is reverse or missing phase, whether the phase sequence protector works normally, and replace the fuse

3. Check whether the single screw air compressor is connected to an independent ground wire and cannot be connected to the zero wire

It is necessary to note: use 3-phase 380V power supply

II. Motor overload: the thermal relay sets the current range to protect the motor. In case of motor overload, the thermal relay acts (pops up). First, check whether the current is too large and whether the set current range meets the requirements. After troubleshooting, press the blue reset lever of the thermal relay

III. the oil temperature is too high: the operating temperature exceeds the setting range of the temperature controller. Check whether the environment is not ventilated, resulting in high oil temperature, poor ventilation of radiator or blockage of oil circuit circulation system

1. Increase the single screw air pressure and cooperate with many colleges and universities to ventilate the machine room or install the air duct to discharge the heat outdoors and reduce the indoor temperature

2. Use air gun bullets to purge the dust of the radiator and the suction filter on both sides of the box

3. Replace the oil filter


4. The water cooling unit should reduce the inlet water temperature and increase the water flow

5. The temperature controller is faulty or the sensor is broken and damaged, resulting in a false alarm of high oil temperature, which needs to be replaced

6. High temperature alarm before startup, unable to start, the ambient temperature is lower than 0oC, and the environment needs to be heated up

IV. the single screw air compressor does not exhaust or cannot reach the rated exhaust volume during operation

1. The air filter element at the air inlet of the unloading valve is blocked, and the air filter is cleaned or replaced with air gun bullets

2. The vent valve spring or diaphragm is damaged and needs to be replaced

3. Check whether the pressure controller fails, repair or replace it

4. If the unloading valve is not fully opened, check the control pipeline between the oil-gas separator and the unloading valve for leakage. Take effective measures in time

5. Check whether each gas pipeline leaks

v. the machine often stops automatically during operation without alarm indication

1. Check whether the connection parts of the input power supply have poor contact, resulting in instant power loss, and tighten all wiring screws

2. Check the input power supply to ensure that the voltage is too high or the instantaneous three-phase voltage is unbalanced due to external influence, which causes the phase sequence protector to act. It is necessary to improve the quality of the input power supply

in case of fault display, the single screw air compressor will automatically stop and alarm. After troubleshooting, press the emergency stop switch on the instrument panel, and then rotate it to reset. After the delay, it can be started

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