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Butadiene prices rose, sulfuric acid prices continued to fall

butadiene prices rose. Last week, Shanghai Petrochemical and Southeast Asia CFR butadiene prices rose 7.14% and 5.33% month on month, respectively. Last week, the butadiene market quotation continued to rise, and the external market performance was eye-catching. In addition, at the beginning of the month, the factory price of Sinopec increased, which supported the market mentality. However, due to the large increase in the early market quotation, the downstream demand was not followed up. The trading atmosphere in East China butadiene market was light, some offers were delivered at 9, 800 yuan/ton, and downstream purchases were more cautious. It is expected that there is still room for the butadiene market to rise in the near future, with an increase of about 500 yuan/ton. However, the supply and demand pattern is difficult to reverse in the short term, and the firm offer transaction may still follow up slowly

the prices of styrene butadiene rubber and CIS polybutadiene rubber rose. Last week, the prices of styrene butadiene rubber and butadiene rubber increased by 6.19% and 5.41% month on month respectively. After the consolidation and wait-and-see at the end of the month, butadiene and styrene butadiene rubber prices rose again in early August due to the continuous rise of butadiene. The recent difficulty of cost support has warmed the traders' mentality. Although the market is full of doubts, most people are obviously bullish. Supported by the rise of butadiene, it is very easy for the market of butadiene styrene and butadiene rubber to loosen after the experiment and continue to rise. It is expected that it will remain high in the short term, and the opportunity to continue to rise will be sought. In the short term, bullish sentiment will dominate. However, as the demand is still weak, styrene butadiene rubber and cis-1,4-polybutadiene rubber will not rule out the possibility of downward consolidation in the later stage

methanol prices rebounded. Last week, methanol prices rose 5.38% month on month. Last week, China's methanol market continued to rise, with an increase of yuan/ton. Although the current downstream growth is weak, and dimethyl ether even has the availability of regional self-healing materials and the upward and downward trend of batteries, it can not stop the pace of methanol rising. The reasons are still supported by the tight supply of goods in the northwest, rising freight rates, the reduction of operating load of gas enterprises, speculation by traders, panic in the downstream market, low port inventory, etc. In the short term, if there is no large-scale shutdown in the downstream, it is expected that the methanol market will remain stable and upward

the price of sulfuric acid continues to fall. Last week, the price of sulfuric acid fell 11.54% month on month. Last week, China's sulfuric acid market maintained a weak operating situation, and the price fell. Most of the downstream products of sulfuric acid have weak market performance and poor benefits. Therefore, enterprises seem to be "haggling over every ounce" in the purchase of raw materials, and the downstream enterprises have a significant price reduction. It is expected that the weak situation of China's sulfuric acid market will continue in the near future, and the price reduction led by major manufacturers in some regions will only follow for small and medium-sized enterprises, and the sulfuric acid price will gradually decline in the near future

the price of synthetic ammonia continues to fall. Last week, the price of synthetic ammonia fell 6.52% month on month. Last week, the market of liquid ammonia continued to be weak, and there was no sign of improvement in the market. Some markets were forced by the pressure of shipment, and the price continued to decline. Although some individual manufacturers reduced, the support for the market was limited, and the downward trend was difficult to change. At present, the most fundamental factor restricting the market price of liquid ammonia is the weak downstream demand, the sluggish start of phosphate and compound fertilizer, the crisis of excess capacity of nitric acid and ammonium nitrate at the beginning of the year is the most serious, the market recovery is weak, and the agricultural demand for liquid ammonia is bleak. The fertilizer preparation in the downstream compound fertilizer market in autumn is mainly high phosphorus fertilizer and high potassium fertilizer, and the demand for nitrogen is limited. It is expected that the synthetic ammonia market will not improve in the near future

the price of chemical products rose mainly last week. Among the 118 chemical products we tracked, 21 fell in price last week, 41 rose in price, and 56 were flat. The price of chemical products was mainly flat last week; On a monthly basis, there were 54 products with rising prices and 41 products with falling prices. Recently, the price of chemical products has turned to rise, but the downstream demand is still sluggish. The recent price rise is more of an oversold rebound

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