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Panel manufacturers whose prices are close to the cost level will reduce the output of TV panels

according to insiders, the prices of LCD TV panels of various sizes have continued to fall recently, and the prices of some sizes may reach the cost level in June, which may trigger panel manufacturers to significantly reduce production to cope with downward pressure on prices

the source said that due to the slowdown in demand, the price of 32 inch open panel was also affected, and the average price fell to $50 or less

recently, the situation has become more and more inseparable in the current scientific and technological research and development, and the situation has become worse. It is said that a panel manufacturer in Taiwan reduced the price of 32 inch open panel to $40 to absorb the noise of the equipment, which is very low, leading to orders from TV manufacturers in Chinese Mainland. The source said that the manufacturer may sell nearly 500000 32 inch panels based on the latest quotation. In contrast, csot (C will have more factories to establish sot in the future) and Samsung display Co., Ltd. currently provide 32 inch panels at prices of $48 and $45 respectively

the source said that in addition to providing the lowest price ever for 32 inch TV panels, the above-mentioned Taiwan panel manufacturers also reduced the price of 39.5 inch TV panels to $70 and 50 inch UD panels to $110, both of which are about $10 lower than the current average market price

although the quotation of panel in the market is chaotic, the price of mainstream size panel is still slightly higher than the cost; If this downward trend continues, the prices of some panels are likely to fall below their cost levels. In this case, in order to contain losses and prepare for the placement of samples, there may be a substantial reduction in production at the beginning of the third or fourth quarter

according to relevant news, a recent report by WitsView pointed out that the prices of almost all sizes of TV panels will fall sharply in the second quarter of 2018: 32 inch panels will fall%, 43 inch panels will fall%, 49 to 50 inch panels will fall%, 55 inch panels will fall%, 65 inch panels will fall%

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