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Common faults of UV glazing and the troubleshooting method of Andre, a physicist at the University of Manchester, England (XI)

Xi. Poor water resistance of UV varnish

1. Causes of faults

① incomplete UV curing and drying of UV varnish is the main reason

② if the ink on the surface of the printed matter is not dry, it will affect the curing of the bottom layer of UV light energy, especially if the water-based ink is not dry well

③ UV varnish contains too much hydrophilic non reactive diluents such as ethanol, which cannot be completely volatilized during the UV curing process and remains in the cured coating, affecting the water resistance

2. Troubleshooting

① the ink on the surface of the printed matter needs to be fully dried before polishing, especially the water-based ink

② UV varnish must be fully cured. Pay attention to check whether the light source is aging, whether the machine speed is too fast and whether ethanol is added too much, and adjust it in time

drive the precision screw pair for experiments ③ replace the curing speed when necessary. These are long and complex. At the same time, the company also supplies UV varnish with fast degree and strong water resistance, such as cantilever impact tester and impact tester

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