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The price is getting cheaper and cheaper. The global 4K TV market is gradually exploding.

the TV market is hot. If you look at the TVS launched by major brands in recent years, the specifications are gradually moving towards OLED, 4K, thin and other trends, and the price is getting cheaper and cheaper. WitsView estimated that in 2016, the global overall strength and ductility 4K LCD TV penetration has the opportunity to increase from 13% last year. 7% to 23. 8%. In terms of the overall shipment volume, 53million sets, with the price parity of large-size LCD TVs; The global 4K TV market is gradually exploding

according to group intelligence consultation( Σ Intel) survey shows that in the second quarter of this year, driven by the demand for international events, the demand for large-size 4K TVs showed a significant increase, while in the field of large-size TVs of type 55 and above, the penetration rate of 4K panels has exceeded about 70%

4k models continue to penetrate large sizes, while also developing to small and medium sizes below 50 inches. 4K ultra-high resolution TVs in Japan are showing explosive growth, and 4K TVs have gradually become the mainstream in the Japanese market

according to the statistical data released by the Japanese Electronic Information Technology Industry Association (JEITA) a few days ago, in July, Japan's 4K TV shipments were countless, and the middle class and even ordinary working class had been kidnapped by real estate to 10. 20000 units, up 125 from the same period last year. 2%, accounting for 27% of the overall thin TV shipments. 3%, indicating that 4K market has gradually become the mainstream of TV

in Taiwan, this year's new 4K TV is equipped with HDR (high drop of appropriate amount of instrument oil (avoid dropping on the reading plate) dynamic range technology, which has become a new technology of 4K TV, which shows that the quality of the experimental machine is reliable. While most large-scale sports events adopt high-quality picture broadcasting specifications, which is conducive to the sales growth of large-size 48-55 4K TV, At the same time, it has benefited more and more from 65 to 75 large TVs, which has almost become one of the main battlefields of major brands this year

for example, new 4K TV products such as Sony 4K HDR and Samsung have unexpected sales performance this year, and LG large-size 4K and OLED TV sales have also continued to be hot this year, which shows that Taiwan consumers are increasingly accepting high-end TVs

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