The hottest price of caprolactam rose or pushed up

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Caprolactam prices rise or push up the price of nylon chips in Asia in July

according to reports, insiders said on Thursday that due to the rising price of raw material caprolactam (capro), Asian nylon 6 chip manufacturers are seeking to raise the price of products in July. According to the price of ICIS, the price of nylon chips in Asia was still $3, 550/ton CFR China on June 14. "The price of nylon chips is still stable at present, and we don't sell them below 3500 dollars/ton, "A major producer in Northeast Asia said.

in addition, the continuous rise in the spot price of raw material caprolactam prompted some manufacturers to seek to increase the quotation in July to 3600 US dollars/ton CFR China. On June 15, the spot price of caprolactam in Asia has risen to 3, 260 US dollars for measuring an unknown voltage signal yuan/ton CFR China, up US dollars/ton from last week, rebounding all the way from 3100 US dollars/ton CFR on May 25, and the market is booming Shi said. However, some nylon chip manufacturers said that "the implementation of green supply chain management and the pursuit of higher prices may be too optimistic.

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