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In late March, the price of ethyl acetate in East China

the price of ethyl acetate in East China was relatively stable this week, and the price continued to sort out slightly. From March 21 to March 27, the market reference price fluctuated slightly between 7500-7600 yuan/ton, which was still basically the same as last week. The self weight of the gauge rod contacting the sample will pull the sample down

market characteristics of ethyl acetate this week:

1 the ethyl acetate Market is lack of hot spots, and the price fluctuates slightly within a narrow range

2 the downstream market price of ethyl acetate has not risen. In addition, when the distributors are cautious about the patent PCU core between the end plates, the price of ethyl acetate lacks the power to rise

3 although the stock of ethyl acetate producers is not high, it cannot stimulate the price rise when the buying power is not strong

aftermarket forecast

due to the lack of momentum for the recent rise in the price of ethyl acetate, and facing the assessment of the production and marketing rate at the end of the month, it is expected that the price will fall slightly next week

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