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November 29 Shanghai copper processing material price quotation

region/market name material price area 2 design process and working principle average price per unit rise and fall origin/brand remarks Shanghai national standard oxygen free rod 8mm 8mm 51900 ~ 52100 yuan/ton 520000 Shanghai tax included Shanghai oxygen free copper wire (hard) 3mm 51620 ~ 51820 yuan/ton 51720100 domestic tax inclusive Shanghai enameled wire 8mm 54120 ~ 58020 yuan/ton 56070100 with the continuous development of the global construction market, domestic tax inclusive Shanghai oxygen free copper wire (soft) 3mm 51720 ~ 51920 yuan/ton 518201 when the working temperature of the low-temperature incubation bath is low, 00 domestic tax included Shanghai oxygen free copper rod 8mm 51520 ~ 51720 yuan/ton 51620 100 domestic tax included

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