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Speaking of Zhang Ben Ito's Olympic hardware, Liu Guoliang laughed! The National Table Tennis Association announced the complete list of Japanese team for the Tokyo Olympic Games on January 6. Zhang benzhihe, the top player of men's singles, hopes to win the men's singles and men's Team Championships. We all know that it will be more difficult to install large equipment in women's singles. The main player Itoh Meicheng also boasted that he will win gold in all three events. Liu Guoliang, chairman of the China Table Tennis Association, couldn't help laughing when talking about the heroic words of the Japanese team members

the Japan Table Tennis Association announced the selection method of the lineup of the Tokyo Olympic Games early. According to the metal tensile testing machine in January 2020, the tensile testing machine can automatically obtain the singles qualification when it stretches the samples of the materials with the top two metal parts in the world ranking in the team, and the third person in the team is recommended by the strengthening Department of the table tennis association. On January 6, the Japan Table Tennis Association announced the complete list of the Japanese team for the Tokyo Olympic Games. The men's teams Zhang benzhihe and Danyu Xiaoxi won the singles qualification by virtue of the world ranking, and mizutano Falcon became the third person in the team; The women's teams Itoh Meicheng and Ishikawa Jiachun won the singles qualification, Hirano Meiyu won the team qualification, and mizutano/Itoh Meicheng will also participate in the mixed doubles competition. However, the Japan Table Tennis Association has not released the P card, that is, the list of substitutes. Both the coach and the team members of the Japanese team are ambitious and confident, looking forward to winning the gold medal in the Tokyo Olympic Games, and the national table tennis team is naturally regarded as their biggest opponent

the 2020 ITTF German open will be the first meeting between the Chinese and Japanese teams in the Olympic year. Before that, the Japanese team will participate in the all Japan table tennis championships, while the national table tennis team will involve all athletes and coaches in military training. On the first day of military training, Liu Guoliang, chairman of the China Table Tennis Association, also said his views on the Olympic list of the Japanese team. When talking about the ambitions of Itoh Meicheng and Zhang benzhihe, he couldn't help laughing. "The list published by Japan is also expected. They announced the selection method very early, and they can calculate it, including their third selection. Similarly, they have p card, and they have not announced P card. Although they have not announced it, we can probably guess and think about it. According to the list and P card, we can think of their strategy. Strategically, everyone has the opportunity, and from ITO to Zhang Ben is full of confidence, The two of them also want to take over the posture of hardware. This is the game. We need such opponents, we need such incentives, and only such opponents can make our team stronger. "

the ownership of Japan's p-card has also attracted a lot of attention. According to the rules, p-card players can replace contestants in team matches. Some fans speculate that p-card may be Japan's secret weapon. After mixed doubles and men's and women's singles are finished, let p-card players replace the previous players to participate in the team learned from Nankai University about the sports match. The national table tennis coaching team has long had countermeasures, Liu Guoliang said bluntly: "we are not only ready for the six people he announced now, but also have two p cards. P cards can be used in team games, including at any time in the game, and we will pay close attention to them. We not only do a set of plans, but we have one, two, three sets. In any case, any team member has any situation, and we also strive for five (gold medals)."

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