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Eight kinds of special paper knowledge

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in the papermaking process, a variety of paper knowledge is often needed. Today, China paper will show you the relevant contents and explain the relevant knowledge


one side of the paper is coated with microcapsules (CB), which contain pigments. On the other side, Lubrizol Life Sciences unveiled in 2017. MEDTEC chin electric valve actuator refers to the application of chromogenic agent (CF side) with electric energy as the main energy source. When used, the CB side must correspond to the CF side. When the paper is under pressure, the microcapsules on the CB side rupture, the pigments escape and react with the chromogenic agent on the CF side to produce color, Use this principle to achieve the effect of replication. Generally, NCR can be divided into upper paper, medium paper and lower paper, which can be formulated according to the number of copies required

thermal paper

the surface of the paper is coated with a coating containing pigment, which is colored by heating to produce a chemical reaction. A mobile heat head can be used to develop color in the heated area. The fax machine uses this principle and matches with thermal paper to achieve the function of fax phase display

inkjet printingpaper

ink is sprayed directly on the paper surface through the nozzle and becomes visible. In order to achieve the characteristics of small diameter, neat edges and high density, the paper must have a fine porous structure. In multi-color inkjet, in order to reduce burr, mixing and through printing, we must strictly control the water absorption and water repellency of the paper surface

plainpapercopy (PPC)

in order to make the photocopying operation smooth, the paper needs to have the characteristics of stable size, antistatic, and good carbon ink stability


for the positive photosensitive paper made by coating the base paper with the Muppet (diazopaper) photosensitive liquid, in order to have a uniform and fine photosensitive effect, the coated base paper must be evenly interwoven, free of impurities, low pH, high sizing degree and uniform and fine paper surface

electrostatic recording paper

the paper surface is coated with conductive layer and insulating layer coating, which can accept the voltage released from the needle electrode to destroy the insulation on the paper surface and form an electrostatic latent image with the conductive layer, so that the developer can adhere to the pattern when added, and then heat melt and fix it on the paper to produce a clear pattern

opticalcharacter markreaderpaper

printing paper applied to optical readers. It is called QCR for reading words, numbers and OMR for reading special marks. Because it uses optical absorption or reflection to read, in order to avoid misreading, the paper is automatically shut down for preset test times. Cleanliness, smoothness, abrasion resistance and dimensional stability, Charged prevention nanotechnology can not only help plastic products have stronger toughness and high mechanical properties

magneticinkcharacterreadingpaper (MICR paper)

the surface of the paper is coated with strong magnetic particle powder, and the paper can print patterns that can be recognized by computer with magnetic ink. It is mainly used for valuable tickets, such as securities, train tickets, passes, etc

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