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Russia uses a large number of PPC plastics in road construction for the first time

in the exhibition of "polymer plastics", "Sibur" and "Knauf polo" to adapt to different consumers, the Department first proposed to use polystyrene foam paving bricks in road construction. This exhibition was held during the exhibition of "interplastica2018" held from January 23 to 26. According to the members of the association of polystyrene foam manufacturers and suppliers (APPP), the project will affect the development of the entire PPC market

at the exhibition of "polymer plastics", tyshev, the chief marketing officer of "Sibur" company for plastics, synthetic rubber and organic synthesis, and bkov, the head of "geofoam" project of "Knauf polo" company, informed everyone of a landmark project: PPC plastics will be used in the subgrade construction of St. Petersburg, corpino City, and St. Sophia street to St. Petersburg Moscow railway overpass

among them, polystyrene foam paving bricks are produced and provided by "Knauf polyfoam" factory. The complete size of the bricks is: 225m long and 5 (4) check the situation of the tested materials of the universal material testing machine in the natural environment. The traditional experimental method is the force analysis that cannot speed up the time: 4m after the force analysis, the maximum is 8.4m, and the total volume of the required PPC bricks is 35000m3. In road construction, polystyrene foam paving bricks are used to replace the previous gravel foundation. For 35000m3 bricks, 3182 sand and gravel dump trucks are required to transport the bricks to the construction site

according to the experts of APPP Association, the construction of the project and the installation time of bricks are greatly shortened due to the use of polystyrene foam paving bricks and the need for highly stable soil

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