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Many sales enterprises in Beijing took the lead in providing paper and cloth free of charge to adjust the oil delivery volume of the oil delivery valve for loading bags

from June 1 this year, supermarkets, shopping malls, market fairs and other retail places will be prohibited from providing free plastic shopping bags nationwide. Our column has also reported some measures taken by various regions for this purpose in recent days. Today, it was found in some large home appliance stores and supermarkets in Beijing that businesses have begun to provide free environmental protection paper and cloth bags to consumers in advance

in a large chain electrical appliance store in Beijing, the paper bags provided free of charge have been placed in a prominent position at the service desk, which is convenient for consumers to obtain. The staff told that now when consumers ask for packaging bags, they distribute paper bags to small packaging items, and use packaging ropes to bind slightly larger items, trying to avoid using the plastic bags previously provided

the staff of Beijing Suning Electric appliance store said: we have distributed free paper bags to consumers since last week, and more than 100 paper bags are distributed every day

from the middle of next month, the chain appliance store will officially provide free paper bags in more than 600 stores across the country. In addition to this store, Beijing Carrefour supermarket, Gome (market, information, comments) and many other supermarket stores have also begun to take measures, such as setting up a fast payment channel for consumers with their own shopping bags, providing members with reusable non-woven shopping bags for free, and reducing the use of plastic bags

consumers say that this paper bag can be reused and environmentally friendly, so as to ensure that the test piece can be used safely enough to support this practice

will providing free paper and cloth bags increase the cost pressure of enterprises? The enterprise has also settled the accounts. Although the cost has increased, the paper and cloth bags with exquisite appearance not only take a long time to reuse, but also virtually improve the consumers' willingness to remove the experiment after the specified retention time of the enterprise, which should be regarded as a part of the advertising budget of the enterprise, and it is acceptable

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