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Alternative management of virtual power

what is alternative management

management is involved in all aspects of life, especially in some equipment management fields. Anxiety, personal fatigue, and poor management health caused by frequent exposure to harmful substances (equipment radiation, noise, etc.) are increasingly causing concern and attention of contemporary humans

alternative management refers to a self-management mode formed from the healthy development of human body and mind and based on the planning of a benign work and living environment

what is virtual power

virtualization is a broad term, which is a solution to simplify management and optimize resources. Virtual power supply is to control the power supply of some or all devices in a specific region to a computer, and the staff can complete their remote monitoring and management only through the desktop software interface

traditional in band management is to remotely log in to the operating system or remotely control the equipment through third-party software, which depends on whether the operating system and network interface equipment of the remotely managed equipment are suitable for the vertical torsional fatigue testing machine. If there is at least one abnormal time, remote management cannot be realized

and out of band management is a new connection management link that does not rely on the remote device's own operating system and network interface. Without using the original remote device, it is unnecessary to spend more money to buy microcomputer controlled network resources, but through the re established bypass. At present, foreign countries have been at the technological frontier of out of band management and its extended unattended mode

how to realize intelligent remote control and unattended current guarding of equipment management

comfortable working environment and effective management are the effective guarantee to improve productivity and reduce costs. As we all know, the high radiation and loud noise emitted by all the equipment in the equipment center will cause certain damage to the body of the staff during each entry and exit. At the same time, the frequent entry and exit of the staff will also affect the built environment, causing the room temperature and humidity to change, thereby affecting the stability of the system. Reducing energy consumption, improving resource utilization and saving costs are serious challenges for each unit

it would be great if there was a machine that can monitor and manage all devices at one point. Hengan power box series power management system caters to this demand trend by setting time task trigger and conditional task trigger, which fundamentally extends the effective time of various services of the user

it can not only ensure the timeliness of the final customer restarting the server, but also effectively avoid the loss caused by manual misoperation, and solve the dependency of the original service on labor. The unattended self-monitoring service of 724 can truly monitor the virtual device at all times, shorten the self response time when the device is abnormal, and reduce the losses caused by abnormal reasons

Introduction to power box:

the POWERBOX network power controller developed and promoted by Aoshi HengAn highlights the intelligence and unattended of the product. This machine has the concept of simple green power management. Based on the best achievements of power control at home and abroad, it introduces novel communication means such as Ethernet, multi-channel wireless network, voice service, etc, The power distribution unit that can be remotely managed and planned is formed by using the self-developed control chip to set the time task trigger and conditional task trigger. Through it, end users will see the following effects:

1) how to enjoy more independent management rights, and how to fundamentally extend the effective time of users' various services. This can not only ensure the timeliness of the final customer control server, but also effectively avoid the loss caused by manual misoperation, and solve the dependency of the original service on labor. Moreover, the power supply, temperature, humidity and other environmental factors of the computer room can be checked at will

2) reduce the management expenses of interested parties. The unattended self-monitoring service of 724 really realizes the monitoring of virtual devices at all times, shortens the self response time when devices are abnormal, reduces the losses caused by abnormal reasons, and thus promotes the further development of IT management

3) simple, efficient and reliable. The software interface is friendly and clear, and the hardware construction and maintenance time of the compact structure is short. Centralized wiring can be used to save cabinet space. At the same time, it also has reliable fault keeping design, single equipment roll call or round inspection light roll call function, planned task management and log query and management function, temperature, humidity and power supply status display function, some types of LCD and query touch block function, etc

powerbox series intelligent power management system has a large market space, and its performance and varieties will become more intelligent, humanized, diversified and personalized in the future. It will provide more intimate and practical services for IT enterprises or related enterprises and institutions, as well as families and individuals

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