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San Francisco levies an environmental tax on plastic shopping bags

it is reported that San Francisco, which has always attached importance to environmental protection, recently launched a new environmental protection measure, which will levy a tax of 17 cents on each plastic or paper shopping bag, making San Francisco the first city in the United States to impose an environmental tax on shopping bags

according to statistics, 90% of the shopping bags commonly used by people are plastic, which has caused great harm to the environment. Environmental protection experts pointed out that since plastic bags can hardly be recycled, they are actually producing a large amount of garbage that cannot be decomposed, and these garbage has even endangered the survival of marine organisms

an official of the San Francisco legislature said: "this policy is completely feasible for a city of San Francisco's size. We are trying to guide everyone to use reusable cloth bags, or shopping bags made of recycled materials based on relevant report data, so as to slowly replace the existing plastic bags and paper bags. I believe that it is impossible to pay attention to the overall quality and will become a trend."

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