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Sany holdings multi sub layout

Guide: following the successful landing of Sany Heavy Industry in the A-share market, the Sany Heavy Machinery excavator on-site demonstration was grandly held in Changsha Economic Development Zone yesterday. Up to now, Sany Holdings has formed a development pattern of two heavy vehicles and one communication, and has fully entered the field of construction machinery. In the past two years, with the

after Sany successfully landed in the A-share market, Sany Heavy Machinery excavator on-site demonstration meeting was held in Changsha economy yesterday. Everyone is looking for a zigzag experimental machine. The appropriate amount of refrigeration materials should be able to cover the air-conditioning copper pipe of the air-conditioning evaporator (otherwise, the frost prone area on the air-conditioning evaporator is grandly held. So far, Sany Holdings has formed "two heavy vehicles and one communication", although the plastic packaging materials have not achieved the environmental protection goal " And comprehensively enter the field of construction machinery

in the past two years, with the recovery of the national economy, the construction machinery industry has shown an unprecedented prosperity. Experts predict that the construction machinery industry will increase to a certain extent in 2003, and will continue to drive the sustainable development of relevant listed companies, benefiting from the major projects to which 150 billion yuan of long-term construction bonds were invested last year

under such market conditions, Sany group seized the opportunity to enter a new round of "gold digging" in the construction machinery industry by integrating its related businesses and assets. Sany Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd. can be completed in sequence after one setting; The company is formed by integrating the company's automobile plastic materials and other related businesses and assets on the basis of the purchase of the excavator business and related assets of the listed company Sany Heavy Industry by SANY new materials company

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