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India's special chemicals ushered in a high-speed period. LANXESS highlighted that as the Indian Chemical Industry Council (ICC), the growth rate of India's chemical industry in 2013 was 7% to 9%. In the next few years, special chemicals will be the fastest-growing and expensive segment of India's chemical industry

frost Sullivan predicts that India's special chemicals business will maintain an average annual growth rate of 11% to 12% in the next three to four years. McKinsey & company pointed out in its report "win in India - opportunities for specialty chemicals" that in the next five years, Indian specialty chemicals will usher in a period of rapid development, and multinational chemical companies will make great achievements in this field

senior executives of foreign enterprises are optimistic about the Indian market

the head of LANXESS India said at an industry conference recently that India will establish a special chemicals industry with a scale of US $80billion to US $100billion by 2020. It is said that due to the weak demand in the European market, LANXESS has focused its business on Asia while collecting one data block. LANXESS India has built chemical product production plants in jihagadia, Gujarat and nagda, Madhya Pradesh, and is optimistic about its development prospects in India. LANXESS' business growth in India is mainly due to the increase in local demand for paint, coating, medicine and pesticides

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