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On January 19, Eastman Kodak, a pioneer of photographic film with 131 years of history, submitted an application for bankruptcy protection to the court because of successive years of losses and insolvency

On January 27, Eastman Chemical announced that it would acquire Solutia at a price of about $3.38 billion through a cash and stock transaction. This transaction was completed in July, with a total value of about $4.7 billion. The addition of shounuo makes the annual sales revenue of Eastman Chemical Company close to US $10billion

3 kemya launched a world-class synthetic rubber project

on June 28, Saudi Basic Industries Corporation (SABIC) and ExxonMobil's affiliated companies jointly announced that the joint venture al Jubail Petrochemical Company (kemya) of the two sides will build a world-class synthetic rubber production project with an annual output of 400000 tons, which is expected to be put into operation in 2015

On July 17, PPG industries and Georgia Gulf announced that PPG would divest its bulk chemical business and merge it with Georgia Gulf. After the completion of the transaction, the newly merged company's annual operating revenue is expected to be $5billion, and will become the third largest chlor alkali producer and the second largest vinyl chloride monomer producer in North America

5 DuPont $4.9 billion now 3. Pay attention again to the sale of automotive coatings business in the process of doing experiments

on August 30, private equity company Carlyle Group and DuPont jointly announced that Carlyle acquired the world's leading automotive and industrial coatings supplier - DuPont's high-performance coatings department at a cash price of $4.9 billion. DuPont's strategic intention to continue to transform to high profit and high growth businesses such as agriculture, alternative energy and advanced materials is highlighted

6 the world's largest SAP plant exploded

on September 29, the acrylic acid storage tank of the Japanese catalyst company's Jilu ultra high absorbent polymer (SAP) plant near Osaka, Japan, exploded and caused a fire, resulting in the shutdown of all Jilu plants. The plant is the largest SAP production plant in the world, and its annual production capacity of acrylic acid and SAP account for 8.6% and 20% of the world respectively, which has raised concerns about SAP supply shortage in the industry

7 Rosneft acquires TNK-BP company

on October 22, Rosneft announced that it would use US $17.1 billion in cash and 12.84% of the company's shares to purchase 50% of the shares of thk-bp company held by BP through the green paper on scientific development of technical routes in key areas; At the same time, it will use US $28billion to acquire another 50% of the shares of thk-bp from the AAR consortium. After the acquisition, Rosneft will own about half of Russia's oil production, making it the world's largest energy group

On October 23, Dow Chemical announced plans to cut about 2400 employees, accounting for 5% of its total global employees; On the same day, DuPont announced that it would cut 1500 jobs worldwide in the next 12 to 18 months, accounting for about 2% of its employees

9 the world's largest cellulosic ethanol project was launched

on November 30, DuPont announced that the ground was broken for the cellulosic ethanol plant in Nevada, Iowa. The plant, with an investment of more than US $200million, is expected to be completed in mid-2014. By then, 30million gallons (about 80000 tons) of cellulose biofuel products will be produced every year. The raw materials used are mainly corn straw, corn cob and other waste. This will become the largest commercial cellulose biorefinery project in the world

10 shale gas has triggered a boom in the construction of ethylene and nitrogen fertilizer projects in the United States.

attracted by the natural gas price with a half year experimental cycle of low-cost cow belt in the United States, Chevron Phillips Chemical, Dow Chemical, shell chemical, Sasol, Formosa plastic, ExxonMobil Chemical and other enterprises have announced that they will implement ethylene cracking projects in the United States; CF industry company, Orascom construction industry company in Egypt, CHS company in the United States, OCI company in Egypt and Ohio Valley resources company announced the construction of a new nitrogen fertilizer plant, while potash Corporation of Canada said that its gasmar synthetic ammonia plant in Louisiana would resume production

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