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Indian finolex 130000 ton PVC double expansion project extension

Indian fin Wang dengwen said that Olex industries decided to postpone the 130000 ton/year VCM and 130000 ton/year PVC projects built in Ratnagiri, Maharashtra state, India for months, hoping to put into production at the end of 2005 or early 2006. After the expansion unit is put into operation, the PVC capacity of finolex will be doubled

the spokesman of the company said the reason for the delay was that the government required to build a breakwater for safety

in this project, the VCM device adopts the technology of oxychem company and is coated with a small amount of lubricating oil. Aker Kvaerner company manages the infrastructure work and engineering of VCM device; UHDE India provides PVC process technology and PVC device engineering contracting

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