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Thimonnier company launched non PVC bag packaging machine

thimonnier company of France is now launching a series of packaging machines. IVF and IVR are two types of mobile phones inlaid with other gemstones. They are mainly used for manufacturing and filling non PVC medical bags for injection, dialysis and other medical applications

ivf bag making machine can produce non PVC bag packaging made of two single facial mask, one double film or cylinder film. IVF can produce peelable sealed multi compartment bags, and there can be multiple compartments in the same bag. When in use, different products can be mixed in the same bag with just one touch of the hand

ivr is a packaging machine for manufacturing and filling non PVC bags, including the whole production line for packaging intravenous injection bags

the output of these two models is amazing. According to the type of packaging bags, 1000 to 3600 bags can be made or filled with American standard liquid nitrogen cryogenic tanks per hour

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