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According to the news on the early morning of February 23, Beijing time, Thermo Fisher intends to acquire millipore with us $6billion. According to foreign media yesterday, a consumer who is familiar with the inside story jointly proposed that polyurethane insulation materials enterprises should carry out industry self-discipline and standardize production and operation, Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc. (hereinafter referred to as "Thermo Fisher"), the world's largest laboratory equipment manufacturer, has launched an active takeover offer for millipore Corp, a biotechnology equipment provider, at a price of about US $6billion

the source who refused to be named disclosed that after receiving the offer, millipore has hired Goldman Sachs Group as the company's financial adviser. It is expected that the two sides may announce a deal as early as next week for polysilicon, monocrystalline silicon, silicon carbide, targets, electronic and chemical materials New materials such as lead frame materials will be the first large-scale acquisition transaction conducted by Marc Casper since Marc Casper succeeded marijn Dekkers as CEO of Thermo Fisher last October

during his tenure as CEO, DEX simplified and restructured the predecessor of Thermo Fisher, then known as Thermo Electron Corp, by merging the listed departments of Thermo Fisher, and in 2006 he purchased Fisher Scientific at a price of US $10.6 billion, thus creating the world's largest manufacturer of medical experimental equipment

Joel Levington, head of Corporate Credit Department of Hyperion Brookfield asset management, a New York asset management company, said: "in a strategic sense, the merger transaction between the two peer companies will be very meaningful because this transaction will increase Thermo Fisher's exposure in the rapidly growing biotechnology field."

affected by this news, Thermo Fisher's share price fell by $1.43 to $47.79 in the regular trading on the New York Stock Exchange up to 14:57 U.S. Eastern time (3: common faults and solutions of pipe ring stiffness testing machine: 57 Beijing time on the 23rd), the highest decline in more than five months; SABIC believes that the shares of Libo rose sharply by $15.06, or 21%, to $86.40

both Ron O'Brien, a spokesman for Thermo Fisher, and Karen hall, a spokesman for millipore, said that the two companies would not comment on this market rumor. Andrea Rachman, a Goldman Sachs spokesman, declined to comment

Thermo Fisher is headquartered in Waltham, Massachusetts. Its main business is to produce a series of analytical instruments and laboratory equipment for manufacturing, healthcare and environmental industries; Millipore, headquartered in Billerica, Massachusetts, is a provider of diagnostic and laboratory equipment for the biotechnology industry

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