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This year, China will build strong smart power in an all-round way and vigorously accept wind power. On March 2, the State Power Corporation said that in 2011, China's strong smart power will enter the stage of comprehensive construction. Such requirements will be made in demonstration projects, electric vehicle charging and changing facilities, new energy acceptance, intelligent power consumption of residents, etc. because of the consideration of the electrical system to instigate instrument electrical (magnetic) interference

will promote the construction of 11 types of smart electricity pilot projects. 67 intelligent substations have been built; Build distribution automation systems in 19 urban core areas; Promote the application of 50million smart meters; Newly build 173 electric vehicle charging and replacement power stations and 9211 charging piles; Complete the construction of 25 intelligent communities/buildings; Promote the construction of 62000 power fiber-optic households; Later this year, the commercial aircraft will make its first flight and complete the construction of the China Singapore Tianjin eco city intelligent electricity comprehensive demonstration project; The accepted wind power capacity is 20million kW; 88 smart electricity standards were formulated

electric vehicle charging and changing facilities will be increased by 7 times

taking the promotion of electric vehicle application as an example, the construction of electric vehicle charging facilities of the State Grid this year will be increased by 7 times on the current basis. At present, China has 24 charging and replacement power stations and 1122 charging piles in terms of the operation of electric vehicle charging and replacement facilities

in promoting the large-scale application of electric vehicles, in 2011, Guodian will build an inter city intelligent charging and switching service network in the Bohai rim and Yangtze River Delta. According to the prediction of relevant institutions, the application scale of electric vehicles in China will reach 500000 in 2015. In order to meet the requirements of the development of electric vehicles, during the 12th Five Year Plan period, Guodian will build 2351 charging and replacement power stations and 220000 charging piles, and initially build an intelligent charging and replacement service network covering the company's business area

at present, the pilot project of electric vehicle charging and replacement facilities in China has completed and put into operation 87 standardized charging and replacement power stations, 5179 chargers and 7031 AC charging piles, covering 26 provinces and cities in China. Hangzhou has initially built an electric vehicle charging and replacement service network. The number of charging and exchange stations and charging piles has ranked first in the world, and China has become the country with the largest number of electric vehicle charging devices in the world

20million kilowatts of new wind power will be accepted this year

in terms of the acceptance of new energy power generation, Guodian said that this year, smart power will accept about 20million kilowatts of wind power, and the dynamic friction coefficient of the film surface is generally required to be 0 4. The wind power capacity in the operating areas between the two regions reaches 50million kW. By 2015, it will basically build a strong and intelligent power, and the national power intelligence level will reach the international advanced level, achieving the goals of connecting 100million kilowatts of wind power and 5million kilowatts of photovoltaic power generation. In order to maximize the acceptance of clean energy such as wind power and solar energy, the state power will speed up the formulation of technical standards and the R & D and application of key equipment, strengthen clean energy power generation and technical research, and improve the ability to optimize power allocation

by the end of 2010, the state had invested 41.8 billion yuan in wind power, built and put into operation 23200 kilometers of wind power lines, and the combined installed capacity of wind power in the operating area reached 28.26 million KW, accounting for 4.2% of the maximum power load, doubling for five consecutive years

25 intelligent residential areas will be completed this year.

in terms of key technologies of intelligent electricity, in recent years, China has continuously filled the domestic gap in the development of key equipment and the construction of technical standard system for intelligent substations, reaching the international leading level. At present, the State Grid has formulated 15 standards for intelligent substations, forming the world's first series of technical standards for intelligent substations. 126 patents have been applied, and the overall technical level is internationally leading. Up to now, China has built 8 intelligent substations, including 750 kV Yan'an in Shaanxi and 220 kV Xijing in Jiangsu, becoming the backbone leading the development of substation technology in the world

intelligent power consumption is also an important part of strong intelligent power. According to the fixture structure and requirements of the national tensile testing machine, 25 intelligent communities/buildings will be completed this year. At present, the company has built 6 intelligent communities in Beijing, Chongqing and Hebei, and 1 intelligent building in Shanghai, realizing the two-way interaction of intelligent power consumption and building a convenient smart home life

wangyimin, director of smart electricity Department of State Grid Corporation of China, told that in 2020, after the completion of strong smart electricity, about 1.65 billion tons of carbon dioxide emission could be reduced, which could reduce the intensity of carbon dioxide emission in 2020 by 8.8% compared with that in 2005, and the contribution rate to the realization of China's 2020 carbon emission reduction target could reach 20% 23%

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